Kelly reilly dating guy ritchie

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Kelly reilly dating guy ritchie - hays kansas dating

Kyle licked his fingers and pulled Christina’s tight pussy lips apart.

Of all the guys in the world, the last one she wanted touching her was Kyle. One girl was a little on the large side, and the other was rather ugly. They were probably just jealous of Christina being a star, she thought. Eventually she grew tired and went back to her towel to lie down. She even removed the skirt so the fronts of her legs could tan. People had been steadily leaving the party, and the crowd on the beach reduced from thirty to fifteen. She felt his hot cum squirt into her, then he collapsed. I’ve always wanted to do this to your ass, ever since I’ve seen your movies" Her eyes widened as she realized what he meant. Strong hands picked her up, flipped her over and forced her to kneel. " A chorus of voices rose up as every guy wanted to be next to fuck the young Hollywood star. He had a raging hardon again, "Help me flip her over. Please," Christina lowered her voice even more, "fuck me." She started crying again. He was pistoning hard, and she bit her lip to keep from crying out.

Guys photgraphed her large breasts hung beautifully from her exhausted body. She smiled, wondering how Jim would feel about her showing up in a suit like this. No time to do anything else, she grapped the pink polka dot bikini and put it on. Christina was a little uncomfortable with the girls, but being out in the water was better than facing Kyle. "Thats a small suit you’re wearing," the smaller, uglier girl said. Suddenly, five of them dropped their swim trunks and ran into the water. She tried to swim away, but a strong hand grabbed her ankle. It had cleared her cheeks and was rudely pressing on her ass hole. " just as she thought that it was going to rip into her, it was gone. She felt cool air on her breasts where they spilled out of the bikini top. "Let’s get some food." Jim said, and started for the food table. Then he said boldly, "You want to go into the bathhouse with me Christina ? The two girls dropped the suit in front of them and disappeared behind the small crowd. When they were done, they left her in a heap on the ground. They hoisted her up into a standing position and tied her hands to a low rafter. Then the pushes got harder, and she realized he was coming. He came almost instantly, but every other guy wanted his chance then. Kyle had gotten some rope from his car, and bound her hands with it. A finger entered her pussy briefly from behind, and Christina groaned in disgust as, yet again, one last cock thrust into her starlet ass…."That’ll give the guys something to dream about tonight," she thought. She started to become uncomfortable with the way she was dressed. She even suspected they were trying to get her to bounce by strategically hitting the ball.

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