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Whether executing her famous one legged spins, or expressing complicated musical patterns with her body, her dancing can be described in one word.... " West Coast Swing afforded Tatiana the opportunity to be creative in many areas.Choreographing award winning routines with Jordan, designing their costumes, and learning new languages while on tour, are just one of the many talents that developed along the way. She appeared in several movies including "3 Ninja Kids" as a stunt double, "Polar Express" and most recently "Love N' Dancing," acting along side Amy Smart and Tom Malloy.

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West Coast Swing UK is a friendly, well established group introducing WCS tuition and social dance time to every level of dancer, from complete novice to seasoned veteran, in the form of weekly classes, courses, monthly specialist workshops, freestyles, fun competitions and party nights.

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Tatiana was born on February 1, 1983 in Santa Monica, CA, to a Russian/Italian Mother and German Father.

At age 3, Tatiana's mother enrolled her in ballet class.

Tatiana loved to make people laugh, and dreams of one day appearing on the TV show "Saturday Night Live".