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The 2013-2014 Center for Ethics program is co-directed by , Professor of Biology.It took 11 days and the help of dozens of strangers, but police have located the family of reclusive twin sisters who were found dead in their California home last month.

Universities are no exception; college students - regardless of whether they choose to have sex - are immersed in a campus culture in which ‘private’ sexual beliefs and behaviors shape the ‘public’ undergraduate social experience, and yet the uncritical attitudes that shape these beliefs and behaviors are rarely interrogated or considered within an ethical frame.

The discovery of next of kin provides some answers to the twins’ mysterious end, but their puzzle is far from solved.

Medical investigators have not been able to determine how or when the women died, but their decomposed bodies suggest they had been dead for at least several weeks when they were found, Harwood said.

They were tracked down by at-home sleuths, who passed on the family members’ contact information to police.

In one case, someone called one of the cousins to confirm their blood line before giving the name to Harwood.

Police found one sister in a bedroom and the other in a hallway during a routine welfare check on Feb. With little information about the twins’ personal lives to work from, investigators issued a public plea this week asking for help in notifying the sisters’ next of kin. Emails and phone calls poured in and with the help of amateur genealogists who read media accounts of the sisters’ deaths, investigators tracked down a first cousin and two second cousins late Wednesday.

The cousins hadn’t heard from the sisters in years.

Patricia and Joan Miller lived for nearly 40 years in South Lake Tahoe but often shunned their neighbors.

Their shared life ended in a mysterious double death. Police usually do not release the names of the dead without first informing their relatives, but the sisters’ shrouded lives made that impossible, said detective Matt Harwood with the El Dorado County sheriff’s office.

“They were just sort of the twins that no one had heard from in a long time,” he said.

The cousins don’t share the Miller sisters’ last name, which might be why police had such a hard time finding them.

Harwood said the sisters deserved to have their family know about their death, and he was pleased to complete that mission with help from “people from across the country, just your Average Joe wanting to try their hand on genealogy,” he said.