Intimidating eratic driving

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Intimidating eratic driving

Silver City police officers and state police officer Flores helped facilitate changing Estevez's tire, performed no sobriety tests, and allowed her to leave. We should not be." The man who initially called 911 on Estevez took cellphone video of her weaving across the road.

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A rookie Silver City officer on scene even makes his opinion known.But there was confusion about which agency was handling this," Kassetas said."Is there a history of this with this officer or any others?The obvious advice would be to travel about with friends made at the university.I assume the campus where she would be living is a bit of a world of its own anyway."She's loaded," said Officer Kyle Spurgeon on lapel camera video.

"She almost fell down." But somehow, high-ranking Silver City officers and Officer Flores let her go anyway. And thanks to personnel privacy policy, her punishment -- if there is one -- likely won't ever be known.

I'm not seeing that." Silver City Police Chief Ed Reynolds says his department is still considering criminal charges against Estevez, though they can prove little more than traffic violations were committed since field sobriety tests were never performed.

Reynolds added that the department has an ongoing internal affairs investigation regarding the incident.

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My wife is dead against her going to RSA for safety reasons with crime rates reportedly very high resulting in some/many feeling the need to live in secure enclaves & gun ownership being common, carjacking, etc.

But KOB has learned that will not mean the end of the line for the officer who let her go.

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