Interracial dating interracial marriage judgement day

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Whatever you think about history, theology or exactly when this shift happened, it’s clear for all of us that the world into which we were born no longer exists. Even at the height of ‘Christendom’ (whenever that was), the most conservative historians would agree that Christianity as embraced by the state was different than the authentic Christianity we read about in scripture or that was practiced by many devout followers of Jesus. When you follow biblical teachings about how to live life, your life simply goes better. But what’s the logic behind judging people who don’t follow Jesus for behaving like people who don’t follow Jesus?Viewpoints that were widely embraced by culture just decades ago are no longer embraced. Being counter-cultural usually helps the church more than hurts it. Why would you hold the world to the same standard you hold the church?

In June 2015, the US Supreme Court ruled that same-sex couples can marry in all 50 states, setting off a flurry of reaction by Christians and virtually everyone else on social media and beyond.

Here are 5 perspectives I hope are helpful as church leaders of various positions on the subject think and pray through a way forward. For most of the last 2000 years, the authentic church has been counter-cultural.

Most of us reading this post have been born into a unique season in history in which our culture is moving from a Christian culture to a post-Christian culture before our eyes. The church was certainly counter-cultural in the first century. I do everything I personally can to align my life with the teachings of scripture, and I’m passionate about helping every follower of Christ do the same.

Not to mention the married folks that struggle with porn, lust and a long list of other dysfunctions.

If you believe gay marriage is not God’s design, you’re really dealing with the issue you’ve been dealing with all along—sex outside of its God-given context. By the way, if you don’t deal with straight sex outside of marriage, don’t start being inconsistent and speak out against gay sex.

Ed Stetzer wrote a helpful background post to the shift in opinion that led to the decision and included links to a number of other leading articles in his post.

The social media reaction ranged from surprising to predictable to disappointing to occasionally refreshing.Having a government that doesn’t embrace the church’s values line for line actually puts Christians in some great company—the company of the earliest followers of Jesus.Jesus spent about zero time asking the government to change during his ministry.The purpose of this post is not to take a position or define matters theologically (for there is so much debate around that).Rather, the purpose of this post is to think through how to respond as a church when the law of the land changes as fundamentally as it’s changing on same-sex marriage and many other issues.Why would we expect people who don’t profess to be Christians to: Wait until marriage to have sex? I know you want to believe that’s not true (trust me, want to believe that’s not true), but why don’t you ask around?

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