How to keep dating interesting

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How to keep dating interesting - brian mcknight dating now

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You do deserve a little better than that, don't you?Let her, and expect her, to treat you as well as you treat her, and to improve the quality of your life. Ask her to pick you up, or to drive when the two of you go out.Tell her your shoulders are sore, and "a massage sure would feel good right now." Basically, let her do some of the things for you that you, being the really great guy that you are, often do for her.In fact, if she really likes you, she will offer, and actually enjoy, doing things for you.And if she doesn't offer or enjoy doing things for you, then she's only in the relationship for what she can get out of it, and what she can get out of you.And it's your job, as a successful and happy Don Juan, to keep your lady pumping those coins in — and upping her investment in you — so that as soon as Wayne Newton, or some other hairy-butted diversion comes along, she won't be tempted to take off and check out his show.

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And I hate to break it to you, friend, but there's always someone a little more "interesting" just around the corner. In fact, the more she "invests" in this machine, the harder it will be for her to get up and walk away.

So what exactly do we mean by getting her to invest in your relationship? Imagine your girl slowly approaching it, studying it for a moment, tentatively sitting down, then popping a coin in and pulling the handle. Because she's convinced that if she keeps at it, keeps pulling that handle, eventually she's going get what she wants.

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Okay, so now that you realize the power of investing, the question becomes: how do we up her investment in the relationship so she's not tempted to leave us as soon as something, or someone, a little more interesting comes along? The first and most important area you want to focus on is EFFORT.

Wayne Newton's coming on in half an hour." She'd probably pop right up and head on out to see the show — Wayne being a little more "interesting" than the slot machine she's sitting at.

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