Homosexual dating

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Homosexual dating - nz dating xtra co

It can only be determined by behavior and self-identification.

There have been heterosexual serial killers who have targeted gay victims (e.g., Colin Ireland), but this is very rare.

According to some sources, whites are over-represented and African-Americans are under-represented among serial killers, but this depends on how one defines a "serial killer." The more celebrated, headline-grabbing serial killers are generally white, but if one counts perpetrators of multiple homicides, including drug- and gang-related killings, then African-Americans account for between 20% to 30% of all multiple perpetrators, according to statistics compiled by the FBI. Asians, who comprise probably under-represented among American serial-killers.

African-Americans comprise about 13% of the total U. Asian serial-killers are extremely rare in the United States, but Asians comprise only about 4% of the U. population so, statistically speaking, one would expect few Asian serial killers.

But with such small overall numbers, and with no universally agreed upon definition of a homosexual, it would be impossible to determine the relative frequency of homosexuals among serial killers.

Unlike gender and race (clearly ascertainable), there are no physical or genetic tests for sexual orientation.

Their actual identity would then be argued about by various biologists, gay writers, and others, who would classify their status as a variant of homosexuality, a distinct classification, or repressed homosexuals.

Such hair-splitting is well beyond the scope of this paper.But more importantly, of the serial killers listed here represent typical homosexuals, who, like the general population, are almost never involved in violent crime.The exact nature of each individual's feelings, attitudes, and behavior with regards to sex is unique, in the general population as well as among serial killers.There have been some high-profile Filipino serial killing and murder cases.Filipinos comprise a relatively newer and less affluent immigrant population relative to other major Asian groups in the United States.Below is a list of serial killers who were homosexuals.

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