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The most recent addition to the site allows Disabled Passions members to begin their own blog, posting on a daily or weekly basis about anything and everything they would like.As members begin to blog about specific disabilities, it should give others a better idea of what people really have to deal with on a day-to-day basis.

Disabled Passions members can take advantage of a wide variety of online tools to interact with others, including disability chat (text, audio & webcam), disability forums, email, smooches, blogs and instant messaging.

Free Online Dating Journal, 100% Free matchmaking service for singles, Free online dating and personal ads service, Free Online Dating Site, Dating Service, Online Personals, Dating Personals Service - News, Trends, Updates and Useful Information (OPENPRESS) November 2, 2006 -- Disabled Passions is a place where people dealing with all types of disabilities can relax and be themselves, without having to deal with other people's anxiety about their disability.

Since the word 'disabled' can refer to so many things, the site provides a large number of 'disabled interest groups', allowing members to join and meet others dealing with similar issues.

When it comes to sexual performance, 82.6 percent of respondents said that Democrats are better in bed, with only 17.4% siding for Republicans.

On the topic of marriage between political parties, 71.9 percent said they would rather have an affair with a Republican, but marry a Democrat, while only 28.1 percent said they would want to have an affair with a Democrat, but marry a Republican.

In addition to its effective matching system, Ok Cupid also features over 23,000 user created quizzes, ranging from the “The Nerd? Atheist Passions provides an oasis of sanity for freethinkers, where they can enjoy online dating and social networking without having to screen out people who believe in invisible magical beings.

Interestingly, there are a number of different categories of people within Atheist Passions, representative of the different ways people define their spirituality, or lack thereof.The new blog option allows members to create a daily or weekly blog, where they can elaborate on their beliefs regarding religion, politics, and anything else on their minds.Basically, the idea behind Atheist Passions is that it should easier to break the ice with someone who shares similar beliefs, whether they be in the Flying Spaghetti Monster, or in the fact that with regards to God, Who Really Knows? .(OPENPRESS) November 3, 2006 -- Think back to a relationship where your significant other made you laugh so hard that your drink came out your nose. Funny Passions is dedicated to bringing together people looking for that ever elusive nasal burn.And by giving people an easy way to find others dealing with the same types of issues, hopefully it will encourage new friendships to form.Ok Cupid, the completely free website that offers a quizzical view on online dating, today announced the results of an “Election 2006” quiz designed to explore how important political and social issues factor into the current dating landscape.Funny Passions is dedicated to helping bring together people who share a belief that a sense of humor is critical to the development of a friendship, or a relationship.

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