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The farthest drift of ash plumes were recorded in late February, observed on satellite images by Washington VAAC up to 370 km SE of the volcano.

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While most of the ash drifted NE or ENE, occasional plumes to the NW or SE were also reported.The frequency of ash plumes appeared to decrease from May through early July, with ash emissions generally recorded every few days instead of multiple times per day.Altitudes of plumes were 4.3-6.7 km, and the plumes travelled as far as 200 km E.Based on webcam and satellite images, and information from the Mexico City MWO, the Washington VAAC reported that ash plumes from Colima rose to altitudes of 4.6-7.3 km (15,000-24,000 ft) a.s.l.during 7-11 December and drifted almost 170 km in multiple directions.On 21 January at 0713 another large explosion (figure 113) rose to 4 km and drifted NE again up to 78 km affecting the communities of Huescalpa (25 km NE), Tuxpan (25 km ENE), Zapotiltic (23 km NE), Atenquique (20 km E), and Mazamitla (78 km NE).

MODVOLC showed that thermal anomalies occurred 18 times in January.Based on webcam views, the Washington VAAC reported an explosion on 18 June that ejected lava onto the flanks in addition to a probable ash emission.A 7 July UEPCC Bulletin noted that the lava dome had been growing rapidly the previous week, overtopping the crater rim and sending incandescent rock avalanches down the flanks.Washington VAAC noted intense thermal anomalies and constant ash emissions throughout the day.Mexico's National Civil Protection Agency noted that activity increased that evening at 2017 and was characterized by incandescent material descending the WSW flanks, pyroclastic flows, and ash plumes that rose 4 km above the crater (7.8 km altitude).Explosive activity in 2015 was extensive, resulting in the Washington VAAC issuing 751 advisories during the year.