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Ithen saw her on another dating site under a different name Often we may use different screen names No harm.

“Romance fraud is a particularly vicious form of mass market fraud because it targets not only a victims’ assets, but also abuses them emotionally, often leaving the victim embarrassed and traumatised as well as financially ruined.

Well I met her on a dating site and we exchanged email addresses Probably first mistake.

She never asks for money and I have told her that I am coming to Ghana in May She is in her 30's I am in my 50's NO I am not a dirty old man j Ust like the company of a younger woman to maybe start a family.

Maurice Asola-Fadola was arrested by Ghana's Serious Fraud Office on the 12th April 2010 acting on information provided by SOCA, which indicated that Asola-Fadola was involved in money laundering.

The extent of Asola-Fadola’s criminality became clearer when, following his arrest, police searched his mansion on the outskirts of Accra.

Five of Asola-Fadola’s British victims returned to Ghana in 2012 to give evidence and face the man who caused them emotional suffering and financial hardship.

Today he was ordered to pay them full compensation.In some instances, the approach was based on an investment or business opportunity, for others the fraud exploited victims’ vulnerabilities or inexperience with online relationships.Asola-Fadola would expertly build rapport with victims, often over several months, before appealing for money for an invented emergency such as medical treatment or even claiming it was to buy his way out of the army.His methodology also included inviting victims to travel to Ghana.Those who did would receive further false promises and, on their return to the UK, would often secure additional funds to service the increasingly complex deceptions.No nude photos no sex talk No money talk aprt from telling me her webcam was playing up and they are expensive in ghana. i have told her the date i am arriving and where I may stay in ghana.