Fired event itemupdating which wasnt handled

24-Feb-2015 00:04 by 9 Comments

Fired event itemupdating which wasnt handled

After Properties["column"])) It makes the conditional a lot less hairy.

fired event itemupdating which wasnt handled-48

The handler simply creates a task in the Tasks list corresponding to the new item added to the custom list.

Do you absolutely need to do something Asynchronous?

If so, indeed the best way to do it is to add a hidden bit column, or an int column if you want to cheaply store changed flags for several columns.

Test and set in the Item Updating, then read in the Item Updated.

Ok, so inside the Item Updating, you might use the following code: This may seem fine, but if the tested column wasn't filled in it's not part of the After Properties collection, and trying .

To String() on a null will result in a runtime error. Of course, if both the List Item and the After Properties lack the column, it hasn't changed either.

If someone sees anything that could be more efficient please comment, but I'm pretty sure this works at least. Oh, and one way to simplify the code (don't have edit rights yet) to tease out the null conditions is to use Convert. From your question, I understood you needed to wait until Item Updated to run that code.

object will be used for both the updating and updated events, and that instance won't be reused in the context of a separate update. To String() since it converts nulls to empty strings. At that point you will not have Before Properties to compare to.

Note: - The list I am attaching this to does NOT have version history turned on.

So the question is: What is a good technique that can be implemented such that I can check whether a specific column in a list changed in the The blog post James's colleague wrote is wrong.

If you follow the link he uses you'll see the table for lists he uses is different from the one he references.

After Properties["column"] == null)) If you want to change columns in the Item Updated, remember to set Event Firing Enabled before you do your System Update() or Update(), so that the eventreceiver isn't triggered again. Here's the code on that page, in case it vanishes over time If you can execute your additional code during Item Updating, then this is the place to do it.

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