Erwin dating for marriage

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Let me close by reminding those who are contemplating marriage—during the dating relationship you will see your partner at his/her best. If you are married, don’t throw away the joy that comes through the painful process of working through differences and learning forgiveness, patience, and love.Any problems you encounter will often be magnified many times over after marriage. Good marriages don’t have to go bad if couples have the humility to grow and learn more about the love of Christ.

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Without facing these matters realistically through confession and counseling, it is doubtful that couples will find themselves in a happy, committed relationship.

So what are some reasons a good marriage can turn sour?

First, we are all tempted to be more in love with a body than a person.

In my observation, several root causes surface after marriage, some of which could have been anticipated before the “I do’s” were said.

Love—or what passes for love—often blinds us to the realities of who a potential spouse really is.

Our Hollywood culture influences us to pay more attention to appearance than the character, personality, and past behavior of a potential spouse.

After the physical/sexual attraction wears off, many couples discover they have very little compatibility; soon they drift apart and find themselves attracted to other people.

Only then will we be committed “till death do us part.” What to Do When Your Good Marriage Goes Bad Marriage is one of our most important relationships—and one of the hardest to get right.

So what does God want us to do when everything starts to go wrong?

The greater your need, the greater the available grace.

Q: How should a couple respond to arguments in marriage?

In short, we expect marriage to bring the happiness that really only God can give us!