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Farming Minister Michelle Mc Ilveen reiterates her commitment to eradicating TB during a farm visit where she observed cattle being tested.(left to right) Farmer Barry Stephens joins DAERA vet John Kennedy and Miss Mc Ilveen.

Whether she/he is a Buddhist or not, whether she/he is a good or bad person, we share our merits to rid all suffering and to bring unconditional happiness.“I am keen to receive a long-term strategy on tackling TB from the TB Strategic Partnership Group in December which I will give my earliest and fullest consideration,” the Minister added.Bovine TB is an infectious disease of cattle which mainly affects the respiratory system.If you chant single-mindedly, you will cultivate miracles beyond your imagination... We sincerely and whole heartily chant in order to alleviate the calamities of mankind, to improve human welfare, and to save all beings from the sea of suffering.Then we dedicate the merits to everyone in the world.By chanting devoutly, we inspire compassion for those enduring severe distress and abate forthcoming disasters.

We must dedicate our efforts to liberate all beings from suffering.“Bovine TB has a devastating impact on our farmers and their businesses which is why we are resolute in our determination to eradicate it from Northern Ireland.We must also safeguard our £1 billion plus livestock industry which depends significantly on exports.For the sake of all living beings, to eradicate the disasters and to bring auspiciousness to the whole world, we should all do the best we can.rom the beginning of this New Year, all are welcome to sincerely chant Disaster Eradicating Auspicious Spirit Mantra .So that the disasters in this world will be eradicated, and also to save the living beings that are suffering right now. So we should have utmost sincerity when we recite, to move the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas to bring forth their great compassion and take pity on all the living beings and lessen the disasters.