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Don’t travel around after dark as you greatly increase the risk of attack.Roads that have seen attacks include routes from Limones to La Union, from Olancho via Salama to Saba, from Gualaco to San Esteban and from La Esperanza to Gracias.

Take particular care near the borders with Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua.The Bay Islands are generally safer than mainland Honduras, but there have been several attacks on visitors, including on the ferries to and from mainland Honduras.If you’re visiting Roatán, travel with a reputable guide.If you’re driving a car or scooter, avoid side roads in remote areas particularly Palm Beach Road close to Milton Bright.Take care on beaches in Tela and the north coast towns after dark.There have been attacks on foreigners on beaches after dark. In remote areas it may be safer to travel with others or take part in a tour.

Never accept lifts from strangers or attempt to hitchhike.

These have included armed attacks on vehicles leaving the international airport in San Pedro Sula.

Using a reputable tour company for longer journeys may reduce the risks. Petty theft is a problem in cities and tourist areas, including the Bay Islands (Roatán, Utila and Guanaja), where the number of reported incidents has been increasing.

There are unmarked minefields in/around the border with Nicaragua.

Take care and avoid walking on unmarked paths or off main roads in these areas.

People have been killed and injured resisting attack.