Dwts derek and maria dating

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Dwts derek and maria dating - what to write about myself on a dating website

Also, fans of Tristan Mac Manus and Karina Smirnoff got an extra-special treat, as the pros shared a dance while the couples were getting ready for their team dances. Although, I could have done without all of that smoke.

Maria Menounous & Derek Hough Dance: Paso Doble Despite having a rough rehearsal, Maria and Derek owned the ballroom tonight.Whatever the mess up was, I hope it doesn't hurt him when voting comes into play, especially since Roshon needs all of the votes he can get.Melissa, along with her injured partner Maks, tackled Mozart's "The Marriage of Figaro," but it wasn't necessarily a peaceful marriage between the ever-changing music and the up-and-down movement.To look more masculine during his tango, he enlists Val's help during rehearsals. Val tells him to lower his chin and focus his eyes in such a way as to be intimidating -- to truly lead Chelsie.That's the signature smoldering Chmerkovskiy stare. On the dance floor, instead of choosing a piece of classical music, Roshon and Chelsie dance to an instrumental version of Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance," which takes away from the overall classical theme of the night.Carrie Ann said that their performance was on fire, while Len praised it for being as "sharp as a razor and crisper than a Pringle." Unfortunately for Donald Driver, it looks like he won't receive Len's first 10: Maria and Derek earn the first perfect score of the season.

Donald Driver & Peta Murgatroyd Dance: Viennese Waltz Last week, Len told Peta to push Donald even further, so this week, she created a "professional-grade routine" for the football player, incorporating reverse spins and one very awkward looking "fleckerl." Like William and Cheryl, Donald and Peta have an opera singer performing live as they dance their Viennese waltz: Vittorio Grigolo.Len and Bruno both felt that Roshon needs more strength in his legs and footwork, while Carrie Ann, on the other hand, hugged Roshon, and telling the Disney star that he's back and praises his gravitas.Did anyone else notice that "Dancing With the Stars" logo cut into his performance, or was it just my cable?Their choreography as a team, however, was great, earning each contestant 27 additional points.Team Paso, on the other hand, relied on their shirtless men, which may have made Bruno happy, but Len wasn't as impressed."If this was a body building contest, we would be screwed," said Roshon.