Dv seminars training teen dating violence faith community

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The library also includes violence prevention curricula for elementary and secondary grade levels, domestic violence training and resource manuals, and educational videos on a range of topics.Some materials can be borrowed; all can be utilized on the premises. Videos -Bullying 101: Basic Tools to Stop Bullying in Middle School -Bullied to Death (Investigative Report) -Bullying Prevention Presentation (CAC) -Cyber Bullying Webcast and Mentor Videos (i Safe) -Don’t Laugh at Me (Peter, Paul & Mary) -Investigative Reports: Bullied to Death (A&E) -Let’s Get Real (documentary where youth speak about bullying) -MTV’s Flipped: School Violence (Bullying) -Odd Girl Out (taped from television movie) -Stan Davis Bullying Prevention Faculty Training CD -Stop Bullying Before It Starts (Essex County DA’s Office – Prevention Project) (2) Back to Top Topic: Children’s Books on Violence Books -A Safe Place, Manuals/Handbooks -Community Policing Consortium, Introduction to Community Policing (Sectiion One, Section Two, Section Three) -Community Policing Deployment Models & Strategies -Conflict Resolution Education: A Guide (3), -A Community Checklist: Important Steps to End Violence Against Women (2) -A Guide to How Probate and Family Courts Handle Cases -A Guide to Selected Housing Programs for Families Who Have Experienced DV -Involving Domestic Violence -A Woman’s Guide to the Abuse Prevention Act -Answers to Common Legal Questions and Resources for Victims of Domestic Violence -Batterer Intervention Program “Where Do We Go From Here” NIJ Special Report 6/03 -Battered Women’s Reserve Manual, -Directory of State and County Victim & Witness Assistance Programs -Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Resource Manual -Domestic Violence Law Enforcement Guidelines 1997 (2) -Domestic Violence Resource Manual (2) -Domestic Violence Resources, white folder & blue MAAV folder -Domestic Violence Response Reference Handbook -Domestic Violence, Prosecutors Take the Lead, American Prosecutors Research Institute -Emotional Abuse, What It Is and How It Hurts Us, -Extent, Nature, and Consequences of Intimate Partner Violence -Family Violence Statistics, Bureau of Justice Statistics -For Shelter and Beyond, MA Coalition of Battered Women Service Group -Healing the Trauma of Domestic Violence, A Workbook for Women -Homicides Related to Intimate Partner Violence, -Quincy Domestic Violence Community Response Manual -Responding to Domestic Violence: A Guide for Clergy and Laity -Safe From the Start, Taking Action on Children Exposed to Violence -Survivor Therapy Clinical Assessment and Intervention Workbook -Supervised Visitation Programs, -The Police Officer’s Role in Prevention and Intervention Resource Manual (2) -Training Manual for Civilian Domestic Violence Victim Advocates in Police Departments U. Department of Justice Articles (black binder) -Uniform Enforcement Standards for Prosecutors and Police 1994 -Violence by Intimates, Bureau of Justice Statistics Factbook -Violent Injuries Among Women in an Urban Area / Risk Factors for Injury to -Women from Domestic Violence – The New England Journal of Medicine December 16, 1999 -Where Do We Go From Here?

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1999 -Teen Dating Violence Prevention & Instruction Guide, Videos & DVDs -In Love and in Danger -Panel Discussion of “In Love and Danger.” MMTV, 1988 -No One Would Tell (DVD and VHS) -Teens Talk About Dating Abuse (DA Blodgett) -Peer Power: Preventing Date Violence- MTI/ Film and Video -Teen Dating Violence and The Abuse Prevention Act -Dear Lisa Program (assembly at Melrose High School by Tom Santoro) Violence & Dating (ABC News 20/20 Report) -Oprah and Tyra Banks, Dating Violence March 2009 -Interview with Kristen Silvano -Lisa & Gabe Kapler, A Talk About Teen Dating Violence-Presentation at MHS 2004 Back to Top Topic: Violence (General) Books -Fist Stick Knife Gun, Curricula -Gender Violence Gender Justice (Teaching Guide Grades 7-12) -Making the Peace A 15 Session Violence Prevention Curriculum for Young People -Elementary Perspectives 1, Teaching Concepts of Peace and Conflict -Violence Prevention Skills, Lessons & Activities for Secondary Students -Healthy Relationships: A Violence Prevention Curriculum 1994 (3) Manuals/Handbooks -In the Aftermath of Crime, A Guide to Victim Rights and Services in MA (2) -The MA Directory of Therapists for Victims of Violent Crime -Measuring Violence-Related Attitudes, Beliefs and Behaviors Among Youths -Managing Anger; A Self Care Handbook -Safeguarding our Children: An Action Guide -The Cruelty and Violence in Our Lives, The Connecticut Forum -MA Annual Victim Rights Conference 1996-1999 (4) Videos -Murals Reflecting Prevention Back to Top Topic: Other Books Back to Top MAAV Video Library Bullying -Bullied to Death (A&E Investigative Reports) -Bullying 101 -Bullying Prevention Presentation (CAC) -Cyber Bullying Webcast and Mentor Videos (i Safe) -Don’t Laugh At Me (with Peter Paul & Mary) -Investigative Reports: Bullied to Death (A&E) -Let’s Get Real -MTV’s Flipped: School Violence (Bullying) -Odd Girl Out (taped from TV movie) -Preventing Bullying – Stan Davis -Stan Davis Bullying Prevention Faculty Training CD -Stop Bullying Before it Starts (Jonathan W.

Survivors of domestic violence-related crimes often face a long emotionally and physically painful road to recovery.

In the aftermath of a devastating crime that has taken or nearly taken a loved one, expenses can quickly pile up.

MAAV’s extensive resource library is available to the community.

As listed below, it includes books on domestic and teen dating violence, school violence, suicide, parenting teens, bullying and mentoring, and picture books on domestic violence and bullying geared to young children.

However, research from CDC also indicates that teen dating violence is preventable and educators are an important part of the solution.

In 2010, Florida passed legislation intended to promote youth education related to teen dating violence and to support teen survivors of dating violence.

A Self-Help Guide for Domestic Violence Survivors and Advocates (Black Binder) -Work in Progress Women and Violence: Breaking the Connection, The Stone Center -Working Together for Children Who Witness Domestic Violence -Rape Crisis Professional Training, Videos -Advertising Council Public Service Announcements for Domestic Violence Protection -Ask, Validate, Document and Refer: Intervention for Domestic Violence (UCSF) -The Crown Prince Domestic Violence: A Survivor’s Story (featuring the MAAV Student Action Board) -Domestic Violence Interactive Training DVD (Emerge) -For Your Protection: 209A – A Videotape for Victims of Domestic Violence (in English & Spanish) Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare Foundation: Think: Violence Is for People Who Don’t -The Gerry Leone Show – Domestic Violence (Middlesex County DA) -IBN- Ivanhoe Broadcast News (Smart Woman-May 2001 Reports) -Lifetime Special on Domestic Violence -Massachusetts General Hospital, Medical Grand Rounds: Domestic Violence Haven at MGH -NBC News Today Show ENS: Domestic Violence Program -Oprah Domestic Violence May, 2007 -Polaroid Domestic Response Videos: Health Care Professionals/ Law Enforcement (2 copies) -Savage Cycle.

The: A Video on Domestic Violence -Speaking Up: Ending Domestic Violence In Our Communities -Survivors: An Animated Film on Domestic Violence -Wiseman Documentary on domestic violence -Screen to End Abuse (addresses domestic violence in Primary Care settings) -Understanding Domestic Violence (the Essex County DA’s Office) -Wellsprings of Faith Interviews, 3-14-00 with Rebecca Mooney, and Dr.

One in four adolescents report verbal, physical, emotional or sexual abuse from a dating partner each year.

Among 11-14 year olds in relationships, 62 percent say they know friends who have been verbally abused by a boyfriend or girlfriend, according to a Liz Claiborne Foundation study.

The process of becoming trauma-informed is one that requires a comprehensive look at the organization as a whole- from structure, to policies, down to programming and specific practices.