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WTBH: You graduated from UMBC and then went to culinary school? I graduated from UMBC in ’97 with a major in history and a minor in philosophy.I’d told my parents that I wanted to go to culinary school, and they said I had to get my undergraduate degree first.

It was a breeze, and I was getting free room and board for that. So I was like, okay, I’ll pour all my creative energies into my cooking.

Somebody asked for a working lighthouse, for example.

Pretty much everybody in the business would say no, we don’t do that.

I graduated and wanted to go to culinary school, and my parents went “Oh no.…” They were hoping I might find something in the world of academia that would spark my interest. I’d go to a train yard, find a train and paint a full car mural.

There was a lot of stuff I did consider for a long time, going into law or studying physics, going to grad school for something that caught my fancy. I wouldn’t do anything less than that, because it isn’t worth it. I listened to a lot of hip-hop when I was growing up.

So okay, I went to undergraduate school, and I think my parents thought, “He’ll grow out of it. They just happened to be located in a place somebody else owned.

He doesn’t really want to go to culinary school.” My parents were afraid that I’d be a dishwasher for the rest of my life. So I went through school, and I was working for Cindy Wolf down at Savannah [restaurant in Fell’s Point]. I didn’t just go out and write scribbles on street signs and mailboxes.Now lots of people are doing stuff like that, and it’s great. I’m not saying this is all because of me, but I like to think we’re opening people’s eyes to what is possible. The official opening of Charm City Cakes was March 3rd of 2002, which was the day I quit my full-time job. Basically, you’re trying to put something together.You’re trying to make colors go together that you want to see together. A lot of what I’d been doing translated into cakes.WTBH: Many of your cakes have a high degree of engineering to them. I didn’t know much about cakes, and what could and couldn’t be done.