Dns server is not updating

18-Jul-2015 05:30 by 6 Comments

Dns server is not updating

How to start computer in safe mode with networking? If the connection works fine, restart the computer normally.

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Every security software tends to get corrupted over a period of time for reasons ranging from file corruption while updating files, conflicts with other software or indirect changes to security settings as a result of intentional or unintentional changes made on your PC.The solution mentioned below is simple and it worked very well for me.I apologize for not having any logical explanation to why this error happens only to some websites.But what if this is happening on authority websites like Google, Microsoft or Yahoo.You cannot expect these websites to be down and it happens very rarely.The logic is to check if it as a browser related problem.

All my web browsers had the same issue which confirmed, this is not a browser problem.If none of this worked, contact your ISP to get further help in fixing the problem.Hope this article helped you in fixing DNS Server Not Responding Error. A Tech Enthusiast|Blogger|Tech Trainer with 10 yrs experience in the field of IT.You are always welcome to share your opinion on this. In some cases, this solution might be temporary as the error message might return after a week or month (This happened to me).The trick now, is to remove the global DNS and go back to select “obtain DNS server address automatically”. Switching between alternate DNS server address and automatic DNS server should fix the problem.The logic – If the internet connection works fine in safe mode with networking,then third party services or driver is responsible for the problem by blocking the internet connection.

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