Dating vam

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Dating vam

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By giving each variety a different number, it's possible to specify any particular variety simply by stating its date, mintmark and unique VAM Number.

Those days are long gone along with low taxes and horse- drawn buggies!

What's happened is that coin collecting has gone in a much different direction. coin series, and Morgan and Peace dollars are no exceptions.

With the surge of mainstream acceptance in the coin hobby has come a new terminology.

Each coin series uses its own language, and so it is with Morgan dollar varieties.

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== "undefined") else if (typeof document.webkit Hidden !In our own parlance we speak of "Hot Lips," 8-Tail Feather varieties, B1 reverses, "Alligator Eyes," "Shifted Eagles" and VAM Numbers.One could complain, "There's so much to know in VAM collecting! But with a little dedication and patience, the rewards can prove to be spectacular.Indeed, the terminology is certainly within reach of every collector.After all, to an extraterrestrial visitor (and some of us out here on the West Coast), the game of ice hockey appears to be diabolically complex! The heart of collecting Morgan and Peace dollar varieties is based on the idea of a "VAM," which is an acronym for the names of the two men credited with starting this fascinating area of collecting.Many thousands of Morgan and Peace dollars still haven't been examined by specialists, and as a result, VAMs represent one of the last frontiers in all of numismatics.