Dating troy

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Dating troy

Eumenes' cousin and successor, Attalus I Soter, who reigned from 241 to 197 BC, became master of northwestern Asia Minor through his victories over the Gauls and the Seleucid king Antiochus III, the Great, and allying himself with the power of Rome.

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His nephew Eumenes I (reigned 263-241 BC) developed the resources and prosperity of the kingdom.

Eumenes II, son of Attalus I, continued the Roman policy of his father and brought most of Asia Minor under his sway.

To his reign belong the altar of Zeus and the development of the library, founded by his father, where a group of scholars established a school of grammatical study in opposition to the scholars of the Alexandrian library.

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His anatomical studies on animals and observations of how the human body functions dominated medical theory and practice for 1400 years.

Galen was born of Greek parents in Pergamum, Asia Minor, which was then part of the Roman Empire.

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, also known as Pergamon or Pergamos, ancient city of northwest Asia Minor, in Mysia (now Turkey), and later capital of the kingdom of Pergamum.

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