Dating teacher after graduation

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Dating teacher after graduation

Professional practice – Professional practice is the school-based requirement of the programme and provides the contexts in which students develop skills and gain experience in practical situations.For those studying in Christchurch, one of the practice placements is likely to be away from Christchurch.

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Degree specialisation (preferably to 300-level) is required for your main teaching subject and 200-level study is preferred for a second teaching subject.

The year is made up of the following components: Professional and educational studies – Professional and educational studies include the study of foundation education, professional issues and critical enquiry in relation to development as an effective teacher.

Topics covered include the secondary school student, presentation skills, lesson planning, classroom management, questioning skills, learning theories and teaching strategies.

Find out more about how to apply for graduate and postgraduate qualifications.

There are a range of professional development programmes available for practising teachers at UC – see the list of postgraduate diplomas and master's degrees available.

Applications close four weeks prior to the commencement of the programme in February, or when places are filled (whichever comes first).

Download the Application for Programme Entry from the College of Education, Health and Human Development website.

The Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning (Secondary) is a one-year, full-time qualification although part-time options are available. For the up-to-date schedule of courses, visit our University Regulations website.

Applications open in July of the previous year and we strongly recommend that you apply as early as possible.

Courses help prepare student teachers to deal with problems that are often social, political and ethical in nature.

They also consider strategies for using ICT in education and e-learning.

The Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning (Secondary) is for university graduates with a bachelor's degree who wish to enter the teaching profession and work with young adults in Years 7-13 (ages 11-18).

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