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"When you look at dating game shows today, you see a lot of bright, attractive young people," said Bill Croasdale of Western International Media, a media management company in Los Angeles."There's no 100 percent pure method of meeting somebody," he said."You never know who's got the baggage, and when it's going to come out." Mc Carthy believes the show's appeal lies in its "goofy" parody of the real-life dating process.While the contestants come in all sizes and ethnicities, their clothes vary from Lycra shorts and tight skirts to oversize slacks and baby-doll T-shirts. "But we also want personality - someone who's hyper, has lots of energy and just wants to have fun." Pickers are typically scouted from previous tapings, where their on-screen amateur talent made a good impression. Shawn Cunningham, 20, of Los Angeles decided to give "Singled Out" a shot after his roommate, a former picker, passed on his name to producers. "The show is simply a microcosm of what the actual date selection process is really like," Cronin said.His ideal gal is someone smart, creative and unique who has a sense of fashion. Still, finding the perfect mate may be better off left to fate, Hardwick said."There are a lot of weirdos out there," said Mc Carthy. Some people get desperate when they're single, and settle.

She avoided the valley girl accent by speaking backwards for the first fifteen years of her life.

Like many contestants, Sherman was recruited at a bar - in this case, Yankee Doodles on Victory Boulevard in Woodland Hills. Jay Eusebio of Diamond Bar earned a date with Phillips when he matched her responses to these probing questions: "Tori Spelling: got her job because of her talent or because of her dad? "When some pickers see their date, there's this look of disappointment," said Mc Carthy.

Word has it that only eight of the couples created on "Singled Out" have become serious.

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She wants a boyfriend who's honest, spontaneous and driven, but she gets stuck with men "obsessed" with her tan, curvy body."When they're after only one thing, it really turns me off," said the 23-year-old Pasadena woman.

The rules of the show, taped in a Burbank studio, are simple: A single gal or guy - simply dubbed a "picker" - sits with his or her back turned to 50 potential dates, all between the ages of 18 and 25 and from as far away as Santa Barbara, Bakersfield and Las Vegas.