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Moving on to this bike’s lighting system, I re-installed the front Luxor 65 headlamp back on to its Luxor branded stem mounting bracket.Luxor lighting is very well thought of, and there is even one enthusiast who loves Luxor 65 I don’t plan to go that far, but I am impressed with the quality of this light.

This shall have at least one digit, but can otherwise have any number of digits.

I don’t know if these dents were a fortunate mishap – but it works for me.

You’ll note that I used red cable housing for this build.

You’ll note in the photo above that this cyclist has mounted the chain guard using eyebolts on the guard, which make it easy to adjust the chain guard when used with the long threaded bolts – with the threaded portion attaching the the frame clamp.

Using these ideas, I anticipate that I’ll get the Rigid chain guard mounted properly, but I can see that I’ll need a bit more in the way of hardware.

But, one of the odd things about this bike is that all the frame mounted braze-ons and brackets are missing.

I had this chain guard hardware set, shown above, that included a baffling assemblage of clamps, threaded bolts, and numerous nuts and washers, but I couldn’t determine how to make this hardware work on this bike and with the Rigid-branded chain guard.The second bike is a SCO bicycle, with serial number 57, made in 1942, 1964, 1985 or 2006.This table shows examples of manufacturer codes, but is in no way to be considered a complete listing.The manufacturers-code, is a 1, 2, 3 or 4-letter block.If the code starts with a W, it is an imported bicycle frame.To counteract the too frequent headaches and setbacks on the mechanical side of bringing this Mercier Meca Dural back to life, I decided to focus on the “extras” that are often regarded as nonessential accessories – chain guards, lighting, and racks.

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