Dating one year anniversary ideas

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If you already have a crafty hobby, such as jewelry making, scrapbooking or sewing, pull out your supplies and do your best work for this special occasion.Or, put your artistic talents to work to create a painting, sketch or sculpture.

Wear Sexy Lingerie For a 1 year anniversary gift idea that's fun for both of you, head to your favorite lingerie store and pick up something special.

Whether you can get away for a full-scale vacation, a quick weekend, or just an evening, organize a romantic escape for just the two of you.

While surprising him with a packed bag and plane tickets is the ultimate in spontaneous romance, getting him in on the planning action is more practical.

You don't need to make something perfect; a few flaws will add to the charm.3.

Plan A Trip Time away together can both celebrate your year together and help to recharge your relationship.

While posed portraits are nice, skip the serious shots and choose action shots of the two of you laughing and having fun together.

Don’t assume the entire collection needs to focus on the two of you.

Make it something that shows him how you feel about him and that celebrates the good times you've already had and those that are to come.

Pull out the good china and linens, light a few candles, and pour glasses of champagne.

By Sheri Stritof Copper, wool, and desk sets are the traditional and modern gifts associated with your seventh wedding anniversary.

Here are more gift and celebration ideas for your seventh anniversary.7th Anniversary Traditional Gift: Copper or Wool.

But, you can't pop into the mall and pick up the first boring shirt and cliché card that catches your eye!