Dating of multidose vials in hospitals

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Dating of multidose vials in hospitals - sexdatinginzeeland info

Insulin doses drawn into a syringe in patient care areas run the risk of being unlabeled.

She was momentarily distracted and, when returning to the task, she accidentally picked up a nearby vial of Lantus that also had its cap removed, which looked very similar to the Protonix—both vials have a distinctive, elongated shape.Thus, there are safety issues with the use of insulin vials that must be addressed when transitioning away from insulin pens.What follows is a discussion regarding the most common safety issues associated with insulin vials along with recommendations to lessen the risk of medication errors during this transition in the acute care setting.The younger nurse thought the other nurse had confirmed that the entire vial contained the required dose.She withdrew all 10 m L of the 100 units/m L insulin into a 10 m L syringe and administered 1,000 units intravenously.Fortunately, the error was quickly recognized and the patient was treated to avoid harm.

Second, even staff who can easily remember how to withdraw an insulin dose from a vial may encounter difficulties that result in unsafe insulin administration.The concentration and total dose was not readily apparent on the vial label.She showed the vial to another nurse, who confirmed it was the right medication.She felt stressed to give the insulin quickly and called the pharmacy for assistance.The pharmacist advised her to use the vial of insulin aspart from the medication refrigerator.Taking into consideration that the label of virtually every other injectable drug notes both the “per m L” and “per total volume” amounts, one can understand how this inconsistency might contribute to such an error with insulin.

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