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Dating israeli coins - Cam caht yutube

It dates to 107 AD and was part of a series of nostalgic coins that Emperor Trajan minted and dedicated to the Roman emperors that ruled before him.The only other coin of this kind is believed to be the one held by the British Museum.

The authority said Monday that the ancient coin appears to be only the second of its kind to have been found. 107, bears the image of Augustus, the first emperor of the Roman Empire.

“It was not easy parting with the coin,” Rimon said in a statement.

“After all, it is not every day one discovers such an amazing object, but I hope I will see it displayed in a museum in the near future." Related: Archaeologists discover ancient Anglo-Saxon island in UK countryside It was quickly determined this was not just any coin.

"The cache that we found is compelling evidence that one of the members of the estate who had saved his income for months needed to leave the house for some unknown reason," Tendler said in the statement. The coins that they found from this period were stamped with messages that showed support of the revolt: the slogan "Freedom of Zion" and "Year Two" to mark the rebellion's second year.

"He buried his money in the hope of coming back and collecting it, but was apparently unfortunate and never returned." [Excavation Finds Silver Coins From Over 2000 Years Ago | Video] Other evidence found at the site hinted that the estate's inhabitants took part in the first Jewish rebellion against the Romans in A. Tendler said that the archaeologists found that rooms close to the outer wall of the building had been fortified with stone blocks, and a network of secret refuges were dug into the bedrock under the estate house floors.

It said London's British Museum possesses the other coin. It was minted as part of a series of coins honoring Roman rulers. Ariel said the coin may have paid part of the salary of a Roman soldier.

The hiker, Laurie Rimon, happened upon the shiny coin on a recent walk in Israel's eastern Galilee region."These refuge complexes were connected by means of tunnels between water cisterns, storage pits and hidden rooms," Tendler said in the statement. "It seems that local residents did not give up hope of gaining their independence from Rome, and they were well-prepared to fight the enemy during the Bar Kokhba uprising," Tendler said."In one of the adjacent excavation areas a (a ritual bath; also spelled mikvah) of impressive beauty was exposed; when we excavated deeper in the bath we discovered an opening inside it that led to an extensive hiding refuge." Inside were artifacts dated to the later uprising, led by Simon bar Kokhba in A. Though the dig site is designated for the construction of a new residential neighborhood, an archeological park will house the remains of the ancient estate and its artifacts, the IAA said.Two other gold coins of this emperor have been registered in the State Treasures, one from Giv‘at Shaul near Jerusalem, and the other from the Qiryat Gat region, Donald T.Ariel, head curator of the coin department at the Israel Antiquities Authority, said in a statement.Called shekels and half-shekels, the coins in the remarkable collection appeared to have been deliberately selected, with each of the nine consecutive years between 135 B. "He acted in just the same way as stamp and coin collectors manage collections today." The 16 shekels and half-shekels were stamped with the images of King Antiochus VII and his brother Demetrius II, and were minted in the Phoenician port city of Tyre, according to Avraham Tendler, director of the excavation on behalf of the IAA.

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