Dating in your mid twenties

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Dating in your mid twenties - who is wwe kane dating

In your mid-20s, however, you may find that hangovers are becoming stronger, and showing up for work with a raging headache won’t do you any good.It’s because of this that nights out to find potential hookups will be limited to a couple of drinks, as opposed to your college standard of an array of assorted shots. The “walk of shame” is when you spend the night with a guy, which usually involves hooking up, to be dropped off the next morning wearing the same clothes you had on the night before.

It’s a tad bit more shameful, since you might think to yourself that drunken nights and one night stands should have been left for college frat parties. [Read: How to make the walk of shame feel more respectable] #6 Career.But if you’ve survived college and are now living in the real world as a mid-20 year old, you probably can’t help but laugh at how naïve you were and just how much you’ve changed.College is a time for growing up, being independent, and flying from the safety of your parents’ nest.This usually involves you looking like a rag-a-muffin to any passersby.But at least you may have the luxury of sleeping in to miss class for the morning.But if you’re in your mid-20s, and the guy you’re seeing has roommates, you might find it weird and immature, and look at him as someone who doesn’t entirely have his life together yet. Who doesn’t enjoy having a glass of wine, or beer, or going out with friends?

In college, drinking might as well be considered a day-to-day routine, but when you’re no longer in college, drinking excessively isn’t as accepted.

By the time you’re out of college, you’d probably already be working.

It’s true that you may be a bit more forgiving because of the current situation with the job market, but dating a guy who isn’t at least on a particular career path will definitely turn you off.

It’s not hard for you to meet people, especially guys, and the dating pool is essentially a really fun playground.

It’s also one thing that is very much taken for granted, and you don’t realize it until you’ve graduated and try to date in the real world by the time you’re in your 20s.

[Read: The need for a purpose in life – 5 things it can do for you] #7 Financially independent.