Dating contracts

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There are usually a multitude of restrictions, unhealthy labor practices, very little control, and very little financial rewards.Sometimes, the contracts call for certain requirements that may or may not go against an individual’s personal beliefs such as mandatory “skinship” or being overly sexual.

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As a result, slave contracts were brought to the forefront.

Shashank Vyas: Actor Shashank Vyas says that this should not matter as long as the actors are performing. If an on-screen pair is a hit and they are also dating and the show continues to do well, how does it matter? What actors do in their personal life is no one’s business, other than their parents. “As actors it’s our responsibility not to mix our personal life with our work, especially on the sets . Ssharad Malhotraa: Actor Ssharad Malhotraa is completely against this clause. You can’t ask anyone to control their feelings and emotions. “I feel this clause is completely baseless, it is something very personal.

I believe the reason for this clause is to avoid delays and fights on the sets. It is your personal choice whether you want to date a co-actor or not.

While some actors feel that this is a necessary step, others feel that it’s an invasion of privacy. Shivin Narang: Actor Shivin Narang says actors should keep their personal and professional lives separate. Love and relationships are beyond contracts,” he says. Every actor is supposed to be professional and do justice to their work. Poonam Preet: Actor Poonam Preet says that this is a personal choice.

Back in 2009, Hero Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun, and Xiah Junsu pressed charges against SM Entertainment for their 13-year contracts, claiming they were too long, too restrictive, and gave them almost none of the profits of their success.

K-pop idol group TVXQ consisted of five members until Hero Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun, and Xiah Junsu won their lawsuit against SM Entertainment which let them break their 13-year contract (Photo by Koji Watanabe/Getty Images).

For those who are unfamiliar with slave contracts, they are ridiculously long-term contracts signed by K-pop idols.

One such restriction or regulation is the dating ban.

Depending on the agency, K-pop idols are not allowed to date for a certain amount of time.

Ra Nia is a prime example of a K-pop idol group delegated to slave contracts.

Trainees went through a strict regime consisting of singing, dancing, and Taekwondo.

Of course, actors, too, must be careful that their relationship does not affect the show,” she says.