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Kirk encounters an older Spock, who explains that he and Nero are from 129 years in the future.In that future, Romulus is threatened by a supernova.

Following a bar fight with Starfleet cadets accompanying Nyota Uhura, Kirk meets Captain Christopher Pike, who encourages him to enlist in Starfleet Academy, where Kirk meets and befriends doctor Leonard Mc Coy.

Kirk sacrifices his life to ensure Winona's survival as she gives birth to James T. Seventeen years later on the planet Vulcan, a young Spock is accepted to join the Vulcan Science Academy.

Realizing that the Academy views his human mother Amanda as a "disadvantage", he joins Starfleet instead.

and others on a criminal justice panel at the POLITICO Hub at Commerce Square on Market Street in the cozy second floor pop up headquarters of the Washington politics web site. We can't let apathy get the best of us." She then moved to the piano and sang "Hallelujah," "the gospel fired second single ("I've been praying, I've been paying for my sins") from her upcoming as yet untitled new album.

Before performing one song for the 150 or so assembled party professionals, she made a few remarks about the urgency of this election. * Anybody flying into Philadelphia International Airport during the DNC will be greeted by the classic soul songs of Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff and the "Sound of Philadelphia." No reason to fly?

Kirk, Hikaru Sulu and Chief Engineer Olson perform a space jump onto the drilling platform.

Olson is killed but Kirk and Sulu disable the drill.Three years later, Commander Spock accuses Kirk of cheating during the Kobayashi Maru simulation.Kirk argues that cheating was acceptable because the simulation was designed to be unbeatable.Enterprise arrives to find the fleet destroyed and the Narada drilling into Vulcan's core.The Narada attacks the Enterprise and Pike surrenders, delegating command of the ship to Spock and promoting Kirk to first officer.Spock's attempt to use "red matter" to create an artificial black hole and consume the supernova failed, and Nero's family perished along with Romulus.

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