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So I'm looking for one like that with good food for upcoming visits. Then, another ethnic restaurant with Czech/Eastern European food. Bratislava, the capital town of Slovakia has a variety of restaurants and cafes to suit all kinds of tastes.

We do not need a babysitter but an extra hand in our household.

Whether you wish to have a simple snack or a gourmet-style, multi-course meal at a fancy restaurant, you will definitely find a place to your liking in Bratislava.

The majority of restaurants are centred on the historical centre where you can try the hearty local cuisine by ordering the featured traditional Slovak and Pressburg dishes.

We live in a lovely house close to the sea, with a large garden with swimmingpool.

We have a cleaning lady coming to our house twice a week, but you are expected to keep your own apartment and the kitche nin the main house clean.

Personal and geographical names from other languages using Latin alphabets keep their original spelling unless a fully Slovak form of the name exists (e.g. Slovak features some heterophonic homographs (words with identical spelling but different pronunciation and meaning), the most common examples being krásne Word order in Slovak is relatively free, since strong inflection enables the identification of grammatical roles (subject, object, predicate, etc.) regardless of word placement. It has been also influenced by German, English, Latin and Hungarian.

This relatively free word order allows the use of word order to convey topic and emphasis. Although most dialects of Czech and Slovak are mutually intelligible (see Comparison of Slovak and Czech), eastern Slovak dialects are less intelligible to speakers of Czech; they differ from Czech and from other Slovak dialects, and mutual contact between speakers of Czech and speakers of the eastern dialects is limited.

Au pair/Nanny Job for a Dutch family living in Wassenaar, Netherlands we currently have 2 children aged between 13 and 15 years old.

We are looking for an Au Pair from Any Country, Austria, Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Moldova, Oman, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland that can speak fluent English and is willing to stay with us for a minimum of 12 month(s).

You will find our family kind and respectful and we hope to be able to build a good and trustful relationship with you.

Anyone remember Matt Kane's from many years ago?

Slovak uses the Latin script with small modifications that include the four diacritics (ˇ, ´, ¨, ˆ) placed above certain letters (a-á,ä; c-č; d-ď; dz-dž; e-é; i-í; l-ľ,ĺ; n-ň; o-ó,ô; r-ŕ; s-š; t-ť; u-ú; y-ý; z-ž) The primary principle of Slovak spelling is the phonemic principle.