Cultural dating and marriage practices

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Cultural dating and marriage practices - zoomhome1 dating

Not only that, but families have taken their customs to the United States where they expect they will still be adhered to.

Others, such as the traditional Orthodox Christian ceremony in the church, are more serious.The ceremony is beautiful and filled with symbolism.Prior to the wedding day (depending on where you live) the Church may require that you take a marriage class.In Greece, the parents, friends, and relatives typically pitch in to give the young couple things such as linens for the home, furniture, or even an entirely furnished home for their dowries.Remember in when Toula’s parents bought the new couple a house?Firstly, the groom is responsible for giving the shoes to the bride as a gift.

He either delivers them the day of the wedding (and even puts them on for her) or has someone else deliver them.Once the father gives permission, they are now officially engaged.Marriage Dowry Even though we look at a “dowry” as an old fashioned concept here in the United States, in many parts of Greece it still exists.In Greece, traditional customs get passed down from generation to generation and marriages are no exception.No matter how modernized Greece becomes, most of these traditions are still upheld.Then, the bride has all the single members of her bridal party write their names on the bottom of the shoes.

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