Cost of updating health care technology

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One of them is to sharply raise taxes to pay for government programs such as Medicare, and for private insurance to do the same with the price of premiums.

There are at bottom only three system-wide ways in the present system to deal with the high cost of health care, each of which would be unpopular.But the cost problem now threatens everyone else as well, including those using the Medicare and Medicaid programs.Yet even if most people are now aware of the dangers of cost escalation (and many know it from personal experience), the problem has not gripped the imagination of the public, the presidential candidates, or the media with the force of the uninsured (even though recent public opinion polls indicate it is catching up).The Medicare program as a consequence is projected to go bankrupt in nine years, and overall health care cost to go from its present .1 trillion annually to trillion in 10 years.Those rising costs are an important reason why the number of uninsured keeps going up.Almost everyone knows that this country has a scandalously large number of people who lack health insurance, now up to 46 million and growing. But it has overshadowed another, more serious issue—that of the steady escalation of health care costs.

Largely due to the use of medical technology, those costs are now increasing at an annual rate of 7% a year.

The economic and social incentives to develop and diffuse it are powerful, and the disincentives so far weak and almost helpless.

Cutting the use of technology will seem wrong—even immoral—to many.

Ethics comes in at this point because medical technology is highly valued as a beloved feature of American medicine.

Patients expect it, doctors are primarily trained to use it, the medical industries make billions of dollars selling it, and the media loves to write about it.

After all, that innovation has given us vaccines, antibiotics, advanced heart disease care, splendid surgical advances, and fine cancer treatments.