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Cool things updating groupwise - relative dating quizlet

Double-click the "Environment" icon in the dialog box.

Similar to Outlook on Microsoft networks, Groupwise is the main client application where users log in to the email server, download email and send and receive communications.Groupwise is similar to other email applications, but small details, like changing signature text, are is distinct from other email applications like Outlook.As long as you have an account on the network, you can insert a text signature in only a few steps.Click the "Tools" item in the main menu at the top of the Groupwise application window.From the menu options, select "Options." A dialog box will open with a list of setting options.We tend to bring our whole wardrobe along on a trip, but end up wearing only half the things we bring.

So take it easy and select only the stuff you need, especially if disk space is limited.

Otherwise, you may have to call your system administrator (you know, the geek who lives in the basement and thrives on pizza and coffee) to set one up for you? Run Group Wise in your office, click Tools, then click Hit the Road to wake up your e-butler.

To make sure you're the rightful Mailbox owner, you're asked for the Master Mailbox password.

Having a Remote Mailbox means you can still send and receive messages, documents, phone mail, faxes, and other important stuff even when you're away from the bustle (or humdrum) of the office. If you're the road warrior type whose job it is to pound the pavement and mingle with the jet set, you can set up a Remote Mailbox on your laptop computer. Since you have all the regular business grind to contend with, we thought you deserve your personal Group Wise butler to whiz through your electronic packing.

Or, if you telework, the Remote Mailbox can sit right there on the desktop computer that your progressive company gave you so you can slave away at home. ) Either way, make sure that Group Wise is installed on your computer so you can use your Remote Mailbox. After all, packing your e-stuff shouldn't be as hard as deciding how much to lug along before they send you by freight instead of plane. Sexy sounding and much better than Archibald, don't you think? Well first of all, Hit the Road sets up your Remote Mailbox.

Whether you're a high-powered honcho on a business trip to clinch that bazillion-dollar deal, or a low-lying underling with a deadline and a framed picture of Pepto Bismol on your desk, if you work away from your corporate office, you need to stay in touch.

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