Consolidating school systems

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Consolidating school systems

Nationally, more than 900 school districts have fewer than 100 students, so few the entire school district’s enrollment—from preschool through high school—could fit comfortably on two school buses.

Legislatures in many states are considering whether merging smaller school districts would be a cost-effective way to cut costly overhead expenses and improve academic services.The taxpayers in each district would pay a different tax rate.If the vote fails in even one district, the regional high school can’t be built.Legislatures and governors recently have given increased attention to school district consolidation.Facing mounting budget shortfalls and searching desperately for avenues to cut spending, some state leaders have examined possible savings by forcing smaller districts to close.“Consolidation lowers administrative overhead, improves efficiency and will save taxpayers 0 million.” The outcome in Illinois could be mandatory school consolidation, something that is currently voluntary.

According to some estimates, the governor’s plan could eliminate more than 500 school districts in the state.

An analysis shows Illinois leads the nation in the number of districts with only one school—214, and taxpayers spent ,000 more per student on average to educate students in one-school districts compared with multi-school districts. Although the commission is conducting a broad study of school efficiency issues, one of the primary areas members are addressing is school consolidation.

In 2011, the Illinois legislature responded to Quinn’s proposal by enacting House Bill 1216, which created the Classrooms First Commission, chaired by Lt. The commission is scheduled to release a report with recommendations by July 2012.

Several laws enacted between 19 resulted in a massive reorganization of districts.

A position statement by the Iowa Association of School Boards says several barriers prevent further tightening of the number of districts in the state.

Legislatures and governors recently have given increased attention to school consolidation.