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Enterprises, Inc.; A-I-H-C Agencies, Inc.; A-I-H-C Consultant Services, Inc.; A-I-H-C Equity Corp.; A-W Enterprises, Inc.; A/C & Heating Inc.; Aamco Oil & Gas Corporation; Aaron Eliezer, Dvorah & Leah Foundation, The; Aatex Growth Corporation; Abacus Management Limited; Abas Company, The; Abbey Capital Corporation; Abels, Wsserberg & Co., Inc.; Abernethy Chevrolet, Inc.; Abney Properties, Inc.; Abrams Fund, Inc.; Absher's Construction, Inc.; Academic Systems and Management Corporation; Academy Leasing Corp.; Academy of Athletes Incorporated, The; Acadian Oil and Gas Corp.; Accelerated Photosynthetic System (APS), Inc.; Accident Research Data Corp.; Ace Equipment Co.; Ace Extrusions, Inc.; Ace Janitor Supplies, Inc.; Aceclean "Robot", Inc.; Acker, Merrall & Condit Co., Inc.; Ackermann Internationale Ltd.; Acme Fence Builders, Inc.; Acord-Connaway Motors, Inc.; Acro Services, Inc.; Acrydyne Laboratories, Inc.; Acrylic Casters Association, Inc.; Act 1 Sales, Inc.; Action Enterprises Corp.; Action In Marketing, Inc.; Action Now, Inc.; Active Young Republicans of New Castle County, Inc.; Ad-Carr Industries Co., Inc.; AD-delmar, Inc.; Adam and Eve, Inc.; Adam's Leaf, Inc.; Adamar Corp.; Adams Oil & Gas Co., Inc.; Adda International, Inc.; Adell Corporation; Adion Corporation; Adjustors-Appraisors, Inc.; Adjuvant Corp.; Adley Sales Inc.; Adman Productions, Ltd.; Admiral Industries, Inc.; Advanced Energy Systems, Inc.; Advanced Hospital Techniques Company, Inc.; Advanced Information Systems, Inc.; Advanced International Marketing Corporation; Advanced Management, Inc.; Advanced Modular Systems, Inc.; Advanced Modular Technology, Inc.; Advanced Packaging, Inc.; Advanced Productions, Inc.; Advanced Research Corporation; Advanced Resource Development Corporation; Advanced Scientific Corporation; Advanced Space Age Products, Inc.; Advanced Talent Agency Corporation; Advanced Technology Consultants Corp.; Advertisers Research Company; Advertising Analysis, Inc.; Advisory Services Corporation; Advisory Services International Incorporated; Aero-Beltronics, Inc.; Aero Brane Corporation; Aero-Gon Industries, Inc.; Aero-Matic Corporation; Aerocrete Corporation of America, The; Aerological Research, Inc.; Aeropa, Inc.; Aerophonics Electronic Corporation, International; Aerosol Spray International Corporation; Aetna Resources Incorporated; Affiliated Medical Services, Inc.; Afghan-American Minerals Development Co.; Africa U. A., Inc.; African Development Foundation, The; African Heritage Enterprises, Inc.; African-American Associates, Inc.; Afro American Enterprises Inc.; Afro-American Masterpieces Inc.; Afro-Oriental Fashions Co., Inc.; Aftronics, Inc.; Ag-Nu Associates, Inc.; Agapao Industries, Inc.; Agcal Realty Corp.; Agency-Marketing & Service Corporation; AGL Ltd., Inc.; Aglite Corporation of America; Agon Corp.; Agra Resources Fund, Inc.; Agra Films, Incorporated; Agricultural Associates of Asia, Inc.; Agriguyana, Inc.; Agritech Corporation; Agro Resources, Inc.; Agronomics West, Inc.; AGS Properties, Inc.; Agtrade, Inc.; Aikman Development Corporation; Aims Education, Incorporated; Air Alpena, Inc.; Air Borne Foundry, Inc.; Air Charter Associates Inc.; Air Comfort Control Corp.; Air Data Instruments and Systems, Inc.; Air East Incorporated; Air Engineering of Dallas, Inc.; Air Passengers Association; Air Products, Inc.; Air-Bus Airlines,. : Business Management Associates, Ltd.; Butler Container Corporation; Butler Personnel Associates, Inc.; Butler Realty Co.; Butler Research Corporation; BWS Investors Corp.; C & C Industries, Inc.; C & G Sports Wear Corporation; C & L Warehouse Corporation; C. Incorporated; C & M Associates of Delaware, Inc.; C & M Cattle Co., Inc.; C & M Leasing, Inc.; C.

C., Inc.; Credit Card Exchange, Incorporated; Credit Card International, Inc.; Credit Card Services, Inc.; Credit Control Corporation; Credit Grantors' Association of Wilmington, Delaware, Inc.; Credit Promotions, Inc.; Credit Tax, Inc.; Crescendoe Gloves, Inc.; Crescent Construction Corporation; Crescent Industries, Inc.; Crest Aviation Corp.; Crest Securities Corp.; Creswell Farm, Inc.; Crib Family Health Services, Inc.; Crickets' Corner, Inc.; Criterion Corporation; Cromer Heating & Equipment Co.; Crosby United, Inc.; Cross Country Shoe Corp.; Crossway Motor Hotels, Inc.; Crouch Laboratories, Inc.; Crow Carrier Corporation; Crown Associates Inc.; Crown Cabinet Corp.; Crown Drug Centers, Inc.; Crown Manufacturing Company, Inc.; Croy Pneumatic & Gravity Motor Co., Inc.; Croydon Construction, Inc.; Crubish Corporation; Cryo Dynamics, Inc.; Cryogenics Corporation of America; CSD of Missouri, Inc.; CSD of So.

B& B Busline Incorporated; B& B Motors, Inc.; B& H Drive-Ins, Inc.; B.

Securities Corporation; Axelsen Buick, Inc.; Ay Geophysical Corp.; Ayjay Enterprises, Inc.; Aztec Minerals Exploration Corporation; Aztec Mining Corporation.


REED, Secretary of State on behalf of the State of Delaware, has reported to me a list of corporations which for one year (effective with the change in Section 510, Chapter 712, Volume 57, Laws of Delaware, approved by the Governor July 15, 1970) and/or two years preceding such report have failed to pay taxes assessed against them and due by them under the laws of the State. TRIBBITT, Governor of the State of Delaware, do hereby issue this proclamation according to the provisions of Section 511 and 512 of Title 8 of the Delaware Code of 1953, as amended, and do hereby declare under this act of the Legislature that the charters of the following corporations, reported as aforesaid, are repealed: A & B Industries, Incorporated; A & H Grain Co., Inc.; A & H Shops, Inc.; A B C Cleaning Contractors, Inc.; A F& Sons, Inc.; A I M Companies, Inc.; A M I American Mobilehome Industries, Inc.; A Z Management Corp.; A.

Economou & Co., Inc.; Artiques International, Inc.; Artists International Distribution, Ltd.; Artists International Management, Ltd.; Artman Aluminum Drapes, Inc.

Industries, Inc.; Arps Corporation; Art Centrum, Inc.; Art Gallery Franchisers, Inc.; Art Geesaman, Inc.; Art Metal Industries, Inc.; Art-Fox Advertising Specialties, Inc.; Artal, Inc.; Artcraft Builders, Inc.; Artcraft Footwear, Inc.; Artdata Investment and Information Services, Inc.; Artel Communications Corporation; Arthur Cook Supply Corporation; Arthur N.

of Wilmington, Delaware; DCCA, Inc.; De Arman Corporation, The; De George Industries Incorporated; De La Rue, Inc.; De Milo Fashions, Inc.; De Sales Management Company, Inc.; Dean Berenz Asphalt Company, Incorporated; Dean Enterprises, Inc.; Dean International, Inc.; Dearcor Inc.; Debdar Films, Inc.; Deborah Hospital, Inc.; Decade Computer Corp.; Decade Fund - 1965, Inc., The Decatur Acceptance Corporation; Decatur Materials, Inc.; Decision Control, Inc.; Decisionware Incorporated; Decor Company; Deerfield Industries, Inc.; Del Air International, Ltd.; Del Ang Flight Club, Inc.; Del Rey Petroleum Corporation; Del-Fax, Inc.; Del-Glo Construction, Inc.; Del-Mar Appliance, Inc.; Del-Pa Enterprises, Inc.; Delafield Development Corporation; Delatron Corporation; Delaware Alpha Educational Foundation, Inc., The; Delaware Barber School, Inc.; Delaware Bedding Co.; Delaware Boys Ranch Incorporated; Delaware Brokerage Services, Inc.; Delaware Chemicals, Inc.; Delaware Coalition of Minority Contractors, Inc.; Delaware Crown Club Day Care Center, Inc.; Delaware Educational Facilities, Inspection Association; Delaware Furniture Rentals, Inc.; Delaware Guaranty Fund, Inc.; Delaware Gypsies Field Club; Delaware Industrial Supply Company; Delaware International Trading Corporation; Delaware Land Developers, Inc.; Delaware Lifetime Homes, Inc.; Delaware Material Suppliers Association; Delaware Olds Leasing & Rental Co.; Delaware Pest Control Association, Inc.; Delaware Realty Company; Delaware Shellfish Co.; Delaware Sleep Products, Inc.; Delaware State Junior Chamber of Commerce, Inc.; Delaware Theatre Corp.; Delaware Trucking, Inc.; Delaware Tuberculosis and Health Society; Delaware Valley Contact Lens Laboratory, Ltd.; Delaware Valley Distributors, Inc.; Delaware Valley Home Improvement Company; Delaware Valley, Inc.; Delaware Vocational Nurses Association, The; Delco Financial Corp.; Deldivco Corporation; Delflora Corp.; Delhampton, Inc.; Deli-Town Realties, Inc.; Deli-Town, U. A., Inc.; Delka Enterprises, Inc.; Della Pelle Liquors, Inc.; Delmar Laboratories, Inc.; Delmarva Business Development Corporation; Delmarva Electronics, Limited; Delmarva Farms, Inc.

Zinman Company; Davis & Reese Review, Inc.; Davis Buick-Cadillac-Pontiac, Inc.; Davis Computer Systems, Inc.; Davis-Meluney Stables, Inc., The; Davisco, Inc.; Dawn Enterprises, Inc.; Dawson & Harris Contractors and Engineers, Inc.; Dawson Communications, Inc.; Dax Air Freight, Inc.; Day's Deli & Restaurants, Inc.; Daypac Industries, Inc.; d B Productions, Inc.; DBM Associates, Inc.

Hall, Inc.; Ams Investment Corp.; Amsalco, Inc.; An-Pol Chemical Corporation Of Delaware; Anabac Industries, Inc.; Anacomp Data Services, Inc.; Analatron Corporation; Analytical Market Evaluations, Inc.; Ancarco Corp.; Anchor Bond Fund, Inc.; Andon, Inc.; Andrea Doria Salvage Corporation; Andreas Enterprises, Inc.; Andromeda Data Systems, Inc.; Andy Capp Pubs International, Inc.; Andy Capp Pubs, Inc.; Andy's Barbecue Corporation; Angelo Pingitore, Inc.; Anglo-American Extrusion Company; Anglo-American Tourist Service Association (A. Snider, Inc.; Arby's International Incorporated; Archer Industries, Inc.; Architectural Erectors, Inc.; Architectural Products Association of America, Inc.; Arco Industries Inc.; Arco of Washington, Inc.; Arcturus Electronics Corporation; Arden Building Inc., The; Arden Enterprises, Inc.; Area Renewal & Real Estate Development Corp.; Arena Corporation, The; Argentina Realty Co., Inc.; Argonaut Petroleum, Inc.; Argosy Management Corporation; Argus Cameras, Inc.; Arisa Computer Services, Inc.; Arista Development Corp.; Ariya Industries, Ltd.; Arizona Biochemical Company; Arkkenten Industries, Inc.; Arlo & Associates, Ltd.; Arlington Corporation; Arlington Texas Industries, Inc.; Armell Industries, Inc.; Armenian Apostolic Church of America, Inc.; Armoe Machine Products, Inc.; Armon Foundation, Inc.; Armstrong Construction Co.; Arno.

RVN; American Environmental Control Corp.; American Equality Alliance Foundation; American Facsimile Systems, Inc.; American Fieldtech Corporation; American Financial Corporation; American Foods Corporation; American General Bond Fund, Inc.; American General Oil & Gas Company; American Glass Fibre, Inc.; American Golf and Sports, Inc.; American Gourmet, Ltd.; American Health Care Resources, Inc.; American Health Centers, Inc.; American Home Designs, Inc.; American Home Furnishings Corp.; American Hygenic Corp.; American Indian Lodge, Inc.; American Inter Media Corp.; American Intercontinental Enterprises Corporation Limited; American International Construction Company.; American Investors Holding Corp.; American Invex Corporation; American Jetstream, Inc.; American Kinetics Corporation; American Land Management, Inc.; American Lease & Investment Corporation; American Leaser's Association, Inc.; American Lighting Centers, Incorporated; American Magnomatic Industries, Inc.; American Management Services, Inc.; American Manor, Inc.; American Marine Financial Corp.; American Medi Services Inc.; American Medical Care, Inc.; American Medical Products, Inc.; American Metalcrafters, Inc.; American Metro, Inc.; American Minerals Financial, Inc.; American Minerals Fund, Inc.; American Minerals Management, Inc.; American Mirror Industries, Inc.; American Mobile Home Communities Incorporated; American Modular Products Corporation; American Modular Systems, Inc.; American Molded Products, Inc.; American Monetary Corporation; American Natural Resources Corporation; American Overseas School of Rome, Inc.; American Pageants, Inc.; American Paradise Land Development Corporation; American Petroleum Enterprises, Inc.; American Petronomics Inc.; American Petrosearch Corporation; American Mastic and Chemical Corporation; American Polymers, Inc.; American Raceways Inc.; American Radiological Laboratories, Inc.; American Recreation Corp.; American Resource Group, Inc.; American Rifles Association, The; American Scholarship Federation, Inc.; American Securities Corporation (China); American Select, Inc.; American Society of Fine Arts, Inc.; American Southern Africa Company; American Sunday School Association; American Survey Company; American System Building Company, Inc.; American Technical Service, Inc.; American Telesports Network, Inc.; American Tissue Mills, Inc.; American Tool & Die Co.; American Travelers Club, Inc.; American Tree Farms, Inc.; American Tribal Management Corp.; American Tribal Music Corp.; American Tribal Productions Corp.; American Unichem Corporation; American Varied Incorporated; American Venture Capital Corporation; American Video General Corp.; American Visual Enterprises Corp.; American Way International Corp.; American Woodcomp Products Corp.; American/United Industries, Inc.; Americana Seafood, Inc.; Amgreco Yoo-Hoo Hellas Beverages, Inc.; Amic Automated Management Information Concepts, Inc.; Amos Barton, Inc.; Amos L. Aquapure Seafood, Inc.; Aquarius Business Services Co.; Aquarius Financial Services, Inc.; Aquarius Fund, Inc.; Aquarius, Inc.; Aquilla International, Inc.; AR Leasing Corp.; Arbell M.

American Crystal Corporation; American Cultural Society, Inc.; American Dental Service, Inc.; American Diplomatic Commissary, Inc.; American Energy Corporation; American Enterprises Inc. of America) Inc.; Anglo-American World Trade Register (Directories) Limited; Animal Garden Toys, Inc.; Animal Hospital Centers of America, Inc.; Animals For Research, Inc.; Annapolis Investment Corporation; Anomate Products Corp.; Anthony Aquatics Inc.; Anthony B. Kriger Co., Inc.; Anticosti Corporation; Antimony Corporation of America; Antiques Growth Corp.; Antoine's Carpet, Corp.; Antoine's Realty Corp.; Antoine's, Inc.; Antonio's Cafe, Inc.; Anwo Corporation, The; Anything Else, Inc.; Ao Corporation; Ap Aviation Corporation; Apartments Inc.; APD, Inc.; Apex Marketing International, Inc.; Apex Petrochemical, Inc.; APL-Boston, Inc.; APL-CHICAGO, INC.; APL-PHILADELPHIA INC.; APL-Washington, Inc.; Apollo Corporation, The; Apollo Hedge Fund, Inc.; Apollo Management Corporation; Apollo Nuclear, Inc.; Apollo Resources & Oil Corp.; Apostolic, Inc.; Apple Drug Corporation; Appleman Foundation, Inc., The; Appleman Oil Corporation; Appliance Wholesalers, Inc.; Applied Capital International, Inc.; Applied Community Training, Inc.; International Inc.; Aquaculture Sciences, Inc.; Aquapure Inc.