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21-Feb-2016 18:53 by 10 Comments

Cloverdating com - online dating for abstinence

After many reported disastrous results of finding ‘the one’ on Tinder and its ilk, it’s become clear that Tinder has turned into a hookup app.

Since Clover dating app allows you to go about looking for a match or an instant date in a decidedly nonlinear manner, you can use it as you see fit.

Everyone you like will see that you liked them and you will see everyone that likes you. Other dating apps like Tinder have tried to eliminate outright rejection from the equation by making it a mutual ‘like.’ But Clover has no such qualms.

And unlike on Tinder where once you swipe left, you can’t undo that action, Clover dating app gives you leeway to change your mind after too.

Below every picture, there is a pink heart to like another user, or a blue ‘x’ to pass them.

Unlike other dating apps where a ‘like’ is revealed only if it is mutual, Clover dating app reveals your likes to another user, even if they haven’t liked you back.

It focuses less on the swiping and more of connecting you for interaction and dating with people.

Thus, it has a reputation for being the speediest dating app so far for the i Phone.

Tailor fit dating with Clover Dating App for the i Phone.

There may be many dating apps for the i Phone but Clover Dating App is different from the rest.

Clover lets you browse through every possible partner that is coughed up.

You can go for the pink heart or the blue ‘x,’ if you feel strongly about a match.

Clover needs a user to sign up using their Facebook accounts, from which the app pulls pictures and about me section, that become your profile pictures and short bio respectively.