Christian views dating relationships

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The line also gives us a handy sliding scale: given a 36-week school year and the average partner, every $2,000 spent on your college tuition is an extra time you could be having sex that year.The correlation between sex and money is robust for colleges, but it gets even stronger when extended to entire nations.

You can think of the dotted best-fit line as dividing the good sex-ed values (above the line) from the bad ones (below).

It's an elegant fusion of geography, time, and temperature into a single statement of military disaster.

Of course, using modern tools of analysis, like circles and the color blue, we can get an even clearer picture of history: It is our goal today to create graphics of similar concision and power, but about something more useful than war—sex.

Since so much sexual slang involves meat—"hot dog," "sausage," "burger," "beef injection," "another beef injection," and so on—I thought this would be a fine occasion to point out that there are plenty of veggie alternatives: Vegetarian-Friendly Sex Slang Peeling the banana. Go through the animation and compare —an empowering way to say something generally considered negative (being heavy).

Here are those bubbles' complete paths across the graph: Curvy women pass skinny ones in self-confidence at age 29 and never look back.

Here are word clouds for women and men in their 20s. Frequent tweeters have shorter real-life relationships than everyone else, probably via some hack.

The text is basically Hot Topic versus, I dunno, Burberry. Unfortunately, we have no way to tell who's dumping who here; whether the twitterati are more or just more flighty than everyone else. This bubble chart, plotting body type, sex drive, and self-confidence, is dynamic—you can use the slider at the bottom change it.

All the data below, even the most personal stuff, has been gleaned from real user activity on Ok Cupid.

Some of it our users have told us outright by answering match questions; some of it we've had to learn from observation.

This was one of the first infographics ever made: Later remembered as "the map that made a nation cry", it depicts Napoleon's failed invasion of Russia in 1812.

The wide tan swath shows his Grande Armée, almost half a million strong, marching East to Moscow; the black trickle shows the few who straggled back.

The odds shown in this chart, and the others like it later in the post, are odds "in favor"—in this case, odds in favor of being into oral sex. In the Bible, in between the part where Reuben kills a he-goat so he can dip some clothes in the blood of the he-goat and where Judah tries to give Tamar a goat but decides maybe she should be burned to death instead, God kills a man named Onan because Onan intentionally spills his seed on the ground. Remember, the women themselves select their body-descriptions; the bubbles show the size of each group.