Christian parenting teenage girls dating

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Christian parenting teenage girls dating

So as parents, what can we do to help our teens deal with the breakup of these intense relationships? Don’t minimize their pain or feelings Standing where you are now and realizing that teen dating is just the beginning stages of relationships, we can minimize how important these boyfriends/girlfriends are to our kids.We look at them and think “how cute.” But to your child, these are real relationships and should be taken seriously.

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Now not all teen relationships are so intense or end badly, but quite a few do.

And chances are, your teen will eventually find that first person they think could be “The One”.

We actually had two breakups—one that I initiated and one that she did (hers was final). I remember lots of crying on my part and wondering why this had to happen.

I have never been someone to be overly dramatic (although my parents might tell you differently), but those breakups hurt.

At school, I counted the minutes until that bell rang so I could see her between classes.

Her mom even gave me a nick name—Lionel Joseph (from Trading Places).

Before long, I’ll have a couple of lovesick boys wandering around the house with that glazed look in their eyes getting on my damn nerves.

If I have any say at all in the kind of ladies (note: I said “LADIES”) my boys bring home to date, they must follow mama’s very simple rules.

There was the emotional pain that showed itself in the typical manner of not eating or sleeping but I clearly remember that it physically hurt my heart.

I can’t explain the pain in my chest any other way than to say it hurt my heart.

In short, Michael’s rules, well, rule and I’m working to incorporate them into my parenting agenda for the next decade or so.

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