Child dating gay parent

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Child dating gay parent - games dating girls boys

Reaching Out For some families, it may also be useful to seek supportive counseling for your child or yourself to handle any emotional concerns associated with these issues.If your child or teen identifies as transgender, you may wish to talk to psychologists and medical professionals about the possibility of socially transitioning to the gender with which they identify.

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So offer your beloved child your love and acceptance above all.Groups like PFLAG or a local Gay-Straight Alliance can help you and your child find a community where all of you will feel accepted and supported.You may be able to find events through these groups where your teen can meet other LGBT or questioning teens to socialize.One thing that’s very important to know is that experts recommend against pursuing any type of therapy aimed at changing your child’s sexual orientation (often called “reparative” or “conversion” therapy).The American Psychological Association (and many other professional groups) has taken an official stance against reparative therapy, stating that it is ineffective and may be unsafe, and it is illegal for minors in some states. Encourage him or her to talk about these feelings, which may be bewildering or tentative at first.

Let your child know that it’s normal if they feel unsure or confused, and that they have as much time as they need to figure things out.

“The problem for most gay kids is that they can lose their parents whether their parents are hateful or supportive,” says Dan Savage, author, sex columnist and creator of the “It Gets Better Project,” which helps gay teens recover from bullying.

“When a kid is queer, the hateful parent shuts down and wants nothing to do with them.

Just like heterosexual teens, they need to know about healthy dating, your values on sexual activity, and safer sex.

A teen who is identifying as LGBT or questioning his or her sexual identity needs the loving support of parents and will benefit from your active involvement in their lives.

Check in About School You may also want to look into the climate for LGBT students at your child’s school and find out if there is a club to support gay youth there.

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