Causes of internet dating

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In America the FBI is reported to have found that scammers use poetry, flowers and other gifts to hook their victims whilst declaring their ‘undying love’.The perpetrators use stories of severe life circumstances, tragedies, deaths in the family, personal injury and other hardship stories to involve their victims and subsequently to ask for money to help them.

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Research into people’s motivations is beginning to uncover some answers.

Romance scamming is especially unkind as the criminals spend long periods of time to groom their victims and to find their vulnerabilities.

Professor Monica Whitty of the University of Leicester and Dr.

“I’m finding it really frustrating at the moment, I’ve been sending out a few messages to women whose profiles I like and I haven’t been getting much response.

Sometimes they will email you a few times then go quiet.

“But they are sometimes very slow to want to actually have a face-to-face meeting.

It’s as though they’re scared to step outside the safe cocoon that email and messaging provide and take a chance.

→ More recent article: Online dating psychology People going in search of love online have found that their high hopes for online romance have been hit by some unexpected behaviour.

Emails are routinely ignored and many people seem loathe to meet in the dangerous offline world.

Your task, as a fresh-faced adventurer, is to work out who wants what, and whether anyone wants the same thing as you.

Research carried out in 2001 provides some interesting clues to the motivations of internet daters.

This type of crime is said to have affected 230,000 people in England alone and has cost the victims billions of pounds.