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I will be in the Atom suit before the end of the season. I’m excited for everybody to finally get to see it and to be in it more. You’ve been through putting on these kinds of suits before but how is it when you put on the Atom suit? You know, there’s a whole fitting process, they’ve done a really great job not needing me as much as I was for it was a different experience, and they’re so used to making suits.The idea of the suit is different than any others that you’ve seen on the show.

That’s why when everybody knocks Ray for being a stalker I go, “Well, come on now.But then just the energy level, I just kind of did as much as I could do comfortably and truthfully and it stuck and everybody’s happy with it.There are levels and layers to his energy obviously, so some of it is a persona that he puts on for business purposes and then with Felicity, it can definitely be a more low-key conversation and real.In fact, it caught him off guard, the whole romantic thing.I wonder if Ray is much more aware of what’s going on around him than maybe he lets on. Well, I think he’s a smart enough guy to know there are things that he doesn’t know, I would say.They’ve got a really good pattern down to getting it done so it’s been very cool, fairly seamless, and the fact that they’re constricting can be troublesome for spending a long time in them but also kind of lends this invulnerability feeling, invulnerable feeling, because you’re in it and so you feel stronger because of it and the same thing with this and it’s very imposing and powerful looking so I can feel that from being inside.

Is keeping up with the workouts a challenge because the suits tend to be very form fitting?

So I definitely jumped at the opportunity to do it on this. It’s awesome writing, everybody making fun stuff and the tech stuff and the quirkiness. I feel like maybe I have made him a little bit softer than he could have come off, which I’m happy about because that’s just me.

I wanted to make sure that he was likable, even in his quirkiness or his brashness sometimes.

To my knowledge I’ve not been told that Ray has any insight into Oliver, who he is, who Arrow is, and Felicity’s involvement, though he had the wherewithal to know who Felicity Smoak was and her history and the legend of Felicity Smoak.

So maybe he does know something and that will be revealed, but I just think he knows and trust that if she has something to do, she needs to be out of work for whatever reason, that he trusts himself that she’s not cheating on him or whatever else. I don’t know if you can talk to this, are we going to see in you a special kind of suit any time soon?

I’d like to take credit for it and say it was my genius idea, but no, that was when Andrew [Kreisberg] and Marc [Guggenheim, exec producers] pitched the idea to me, the character, they were like, “We want to bring Ray in to be a light spot for the show in the third season.