Bottle dating beer

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Bottle dating beer - rachel mcadams and luke wilson dating

The bottle are Northgate Brewery Centenary Ale, 1885 to 1985 Wadworth Devizes Uk The our both unopened. FL is expensive, I have no family here now, and just want to deal with my work and school you know ha. Please i''d hope someone know''s I haven''t been able to find a single person selling this anywhere, i''d want to sell it at a good price, but something that would probably go sooner then later buying wise, and also if anyone knows WHERE the best place to sell would be that would help me out a lot, I''m 21 so hopefully it''s not like going to get me into any trouble trying to sell it. 1 Harley Davidson Heavy beer (Sturgis 1988) never opened. 1 bottle of rattle snake beer never opened made in the spoetzl brewery in shiner tx.

There are 46 bottles in all, in the original 6 packs with the original cardboard 24 pack box.I can't seem to find any info on it to find a value. I'm back visiting my Dad and finally cleaning my college beer bottle collection out of his attic. I will entertain reasonable offers on singles, groups, or the entire lot.It was my grandpas and worked at labatts for 30 years. photo (if posted) Hi I have an unopened bottle of Alton Anniversary Ale 1903-1953 in fairly good condition. My collection was from college (MSU 1979-1983) and has been stored dry and dark since 1983! It led to some very unique bottle shapes and labeling combinations as all breweries struggled to label legal and anticipate how the market would react to 5 cent vs 10 cent deposits. photo (if posted) Found it in a box of things my mum gave be before she passed she has many. photo (if posted) i have an unopened bottle of commerative beer presented to the crew of Royal Yacht mv gothic in 1953 on her majestys(the Princess Elizabeth on her honeymoon tour) commenwealth tour.1 open ed no cap nude beer made in Juarez Chih Mexico. Thanks photo (if posted) Anyone have any idea how much a full can of 1970''''s Olympia Beer is worth? in other words the printing on the metal can is upside-down.It came in a full sixpack of beer that my father bought in the early 70''''s and only the 1 can was upside-down. My website is photo (if posted) I have complete case of 12 unopened bottles of christmas guiness 1981 and a case of 12 unopened bottles of christmas guinness 1982. I am looking for the value of this beer and am taking offers.

Can't seem to track a serial number anywhere on the web? photo (if posted) I was searching around in my attic and I stumbled across this bottle (full/unopened) and I thought it was very rare because I can''t seem to find anything about it [email protected](MADE IN CALIFORNIA , USA) New Release Apple i Phone 6 16Gb 0 New Release Apple i Phone 6 Plus 16Gb 0 Apple i Phone 5S 16GB 0 Apple iphone 5 16Gb 0 Samsung Galaxy Note 4 0 Samsung Galaxy S5 Gear Neo 2 0 Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GEAR 0 HTC One (M8) 0 HTC One MINI 2 0 24HRS Whatsapp : 254719532238 : bazaarphones [email protected] (if posted) i have a 1882-1952 labatt 50 Anniversary beer bottle made in the U. Never did hit the market something to do with the Coors brewing co. Perfect condition, looks to be a type of Steelers memorabilia/brew. photo (if posted) Please could you help me to find the value of this bottle of gk ipa it was bottled in 2009 for the 100 anaversy of rfu at Twickenham. I lost my home in a fire and am now just hauling this once very large collection around, stuffed in boxes,without any place to display or appreciate them.K., bottom of bottle/bottle 165,batch #7, it has a circle with the letter p inside on bottom of bottle trying to find out value/worth of bottle photo (if posted) Year 2000 limited edition 18 FL. Not able to shut a pressure of air in the bottle before filling it up with beer... 6pack still in plastic, says on the side not affiliated with the nfl or ncaa. If my information is correct only 2000 where produced and it only went to Twickenham I have tyred to up load a pic for you it is listed as limited edition many thanks photo (if posted) This is a CSP Molson Canadian 341ml in a Moosehead bottle. I have a real small and just have no room and honestly need too many other things now that I'm needing to rebuild my life (again).L530925 produced for the Royal visit to Ireland in 1953/54. I have an original cardboard carton of 6 bottles of Ale celebrating the wedding of Prince Charles & Lady Diana Spencer. I am using them to make a gift for a PBR fan but was hoping to find out when they might be from.The bottle bears the royal crest on the front and the foil on the top. I would be very grateful if anyone could provide me with a valuation of them. photo (if posted) Hi there, I have a Heineken WOBO ( an original " WOrld BOttle " numbered, limited edition of 1200 pieces to celebrate the 2014 UEFA Champions League Final ). The bottom of the bottle reads "REGISTERED 3" and that is the only other writing on the bottle photo (if posted) I have 2 Budweiser bottles the never been opened they were never released to the public they are number 4 and then 5 on the sought-after list for bottles I have no idea what their values are of them so can anyone help photo (if posted) I have a very large green glass bottle of Labatts anniversary ale.I do know it''s from Hammonton BREW ING Company and is no long Active anymore..anyone has possible info for me would be greatly appreciated. The top label says at the top "A Temperance Beverage" Also "Intoxicating Liquor" "This Beer" "1Pint 8oz." and "Alcohol 4%" are blacked out on the top label.

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