Before updating to lion

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Before updating to lion

This guide will show you how to perform an upgrade install, which is the default installation and the one that Apple thinks most Mac users will choose. You can also perform a clean install, or install the OS from various types of media, such as a USB flash drive, a DVD, or an external hard drive. OS X Mountain Lion is the second version of OS X that can only be purchased through the Mac App Store.If you haven't yet upgraded to OS X Lion, the new distribution and installation methods may seem a bit foreign.

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The upgrade install process lets you install Mountain Lion over your existing version of OS X, and still retain all of your user data, most of your system preferences, and most of your applications.

Smaller developers tend to do this faster than larger software companies, so if you’re waiting for a large company it may take a long time.

This is probably the most important step when upgrading any OS and a Mac is no different.

You may lose some of your apps if they can't run under Mountain Lion.

The installer may also change some of your preference files because certain settings are no longer supported or are incompatible with some feature of the new OS.

On the plus side, Apple worked out most of the glitches on Lion, so you get the benefit of installing Mountain Lion using a well-understood and reliable method.

If you did upgrade to OS X Lion, you'll find most of the installation process to be very similar.

If you don’t have Time Machine setup and configured yet, what are you waiting for?

Grab a cheap external hard drive and set it up as a backup drive now, Time Machine is completely automated and as easy as backups get.

Before installing a major new OS version it can be a good time to clear out unused apps, verify disk integrity, and clear up some free disk space.

There are several ways to install OS X Mountain Lion.

If you’re already running OS X Lion (10.7) then you probably don’t need to worry much, but for those who are upgrading to Mountain Lion from Snow Leopard, there’s a good chance that an app or two won’t work.

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