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Bollywood superstars Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut are locking horns in a legal battle over a love story (if at all there exists one).According to some reports, Kangana’s friends stated that the duo was in a serious relationship, and Hrithik had even proposed marriage to the actress.

It was Hrithik all along who has been making several nasty allegations about her, including her having Asperger’s Syndrome.The answers were brief and he sounded disinterested and looked tired.I have always liked Hrithik not because my first meeting with him was one of my best star experiences, or because I liked his work, but because he always said that his stardom was a result of team work—make-up artistes, light technicians, gym instructors and cameramen.Hrithik and his legal team, however, have dismissed these reports.They said that it was an imposter, who created an email id in Hrithik Roshan’s name, and misled her.Although Hrithik had done two films with Kangana, Kites and Krissh 3, there weren’t any talk of an affair till recently when the legal battle took off.

But another actress with whom he might have been pretty close to was Katrina Kaif.

Then came the rumors of his alleged affair with Mexican actress Barbara Mori during the shooting of Kites.

If rumor mills are to be believed, his father, well-known producer-director Rakesh Roshan, had asked Sussanne to join them at the shooting because he was alarmed by the goings-on between Hrithik and Mori.

I met Hrithik for the first time two years after the success of the Bollywood blockbuster Kaho Na Pyar Hain.

He arrived for the press conference of Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon two hours late.

Industry insiders say that there was a reason for the hurried marriage.

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