Annual cost of fluoridating city water

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Annual cost of fluoridating city water

Right now, the stock market in the healthcare sector is beginning to show signs of greater problems to come.

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Obamacare, was supposed to lower premiums and other out-of-pocket...11/17/2016 - The Zika virus has not gone away, but as it has spread from its outbreak origin in Brazil, we're finding out that it's certainly not the bogey man it has been made out to be.took a major hit November 7th, after...11/12/2016 - A company called u Biome is launching a new service that will allow people to conduct genetic screenings of the bacteria found in their fecal matter, to help identify whether their gut flora are out of balance and making them ill.The service, known as Smart Gut, consists of a two-minute test performed...11/12/2016 - Whatever gender gap there once was between men and women in terms of alcohol consumption has largely disappeared, according to a recent study that compared more than a century's worth of data on the subject.Well, the restaurant chain would sure like for you to believe that, even though most items on Mc Donald's menus have been proven to be stuffed with unhealthy ingredients.Nevertheless,...11/24/2016 - You're about to get the opportunity to be a part of the biggest Black Friday sale that Natural News readers and patrons of the Health Ranger Store have ever experienced.The reason cold and flu occurrence peaks during the winter months...12/1/2016 - Vaccines linked with autism and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS); environmental toxins; processed foods loaded with preservatives, sugar and GMOs - when it comes to protecting the health of our kids, it's no wonder that parents can feel overwhelmed.

Sadly, Western medicine - along with government...12/1/2016 - We all know that technology is rapidly changing life around the world.

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Just seeing the evolution of personal computing devices, cell phones and televisions in the past decade alone proves how fast the tech industry is moving forward.

With the technology boost comes important advances in the medical...11/26/2016 - When you surrender all of your healthcare decisions to the state, you lose more than just the freedom to choose your own treatments and care options.

There are tons of ointments, pastes, creams and serums available to treat these conditions, but oftentimes the problems come right back as...11/21/2016 - As the healthy eating and whole foods movements storm across the nation, certain large scale fast food retailers are struggling to keep customers waiting in line.