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If you are running a different operating system, you should look at , one of several Java-based utilities by Keith Fenske, also available on the Extra tab at Red Ear This is a notice primarily for those of you who are new to a.b.f.

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(Note that there do exist many font files that have the same internal name but are in fact different fonts with different glyphs.

However, the default settings are recommended for most users.

Font Renamer optionally checks that a font can actually be installed by your operating system and can flag fonts that cannot.

Often, however, files with the same internal name are in fact the same font.) Font Renamer robustly renames all types of font files and related files.

It has extensive options to control the specific internal name that is used for renaming, to handle invalid characters, and to fine tune the renaming process.

Subject: UPDATE - Red Ear's Font Renamer - Font Renamer307(0/1) Date: Mon, -0600 Newsgroups: alt.binaries.fonts Existing Users: This is a minor update and bug fix for Red Ear's Font Renamer.

All users of Font Renamer should install this update, particularly if you are running in a multi-monitor environment.

Red Ear announced on April 8, 2011 that he would no longer do a quarterly repost of the current version of the program to alt.binaries.fonts.

Red Ear will instead post an update of the program to alt.binaries.fonts when such is available.

The latest version of Red Ear's Font Renamer can also be found on the Extra tab at

New Users: Please read the "Getting Started" sections in the help file before using the program!

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