Advice to young man dating unwed mother

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Advice to young man dating unwed mother

In a radio interview Glenn Stanton was moved by the heroism of single mothers and explained: …look around within your community, your church body, and you see young boys being raised and dad gone because of his death or because of his desertion or because of a divorce or maybe he just never was on the scene…website, but you can see an archived version of the page on the Wayback Machine and Google cache (Edit: The page was moved here in a site redesign).

Stanton’s book on parenting where he made the same basic assertion. Stanton explains the recent explosion in out of wedlock births: . The Kendrick brothers expressed this view in their much celebrated movie Courageous, including in the final rousing “I Will! Pastor Driscoll makes the same argument in …if you’re a single gal hoping to get married someday.It (on the surface) goes against our instinct to protect women, and it makes you like heroes.Because of their cowardice and slavish devotion to their own feelings they are causing great harm to women and children.What is often a prelude to divorce, separation, accounts for another 15%.We know in the case of divorce that women overwhelmingly are the initiators, and they are motivated by the opportunity to steal the most valuable asset of the marriage, the children.Men who remain silent on this are choosing the suffering of millions of children over their own discomfort.

They are also gravely harming women by in their cowardly feelings-driven silence. A million thoughts rush through her mind as the reality that her world will no longer be the same comes crashing against her.But the out of wedlock birth machine isn’t the only factory cranking out fatherless children, as the chart above makes clear.Out of wedlock births are the largest single category of fatherless children, but divorce accounts for 30% of them.Yet Christian men and Christian leaders can’t bring themselves to criticize women for the rampant and very open flaunting of biblical teaching on marriage and sexual morality by women.This cowardly silence is not only sinful but immensely harmful to men, women, and children.As a result of the silence by Christian men, Christian single mothers routinely engage in a game of make believe where their own sin and that of millions of women like them never really happened. She lies there, crying and helpless, wondering how she will survive financially, what her friends will thing, and how her children will survive without their father in their daily lives.

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