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*I go back on my knees and engulf you cock in my mouth* Stranger: Mmmmm You: I move back and forth hungerly Stranger: Touch my ass Stranger: Dont be shy You: Ok... Stranger: She fucks daddy's ass You: Do you like it?? Stranger: Mmmm You: *I shove it in your ass and move forward and back cautiously at first* Stranger: Keep going You: I start to go harder and I move my hand to play with your cock Stranger: Oh yessss You: I go faster and faster with both my hips qnd hand You: and* Stranger: Aghhhhh You: Daddy I'm tired...

Stranger: *goes on the pc and opens up pornhub and searches blowjob and clicked on the first video* You: Wow daddy! Stranger: Ummm as long as it stays between us You: Of course daddy You: *I sit on my knees and unzip your pants* Like this daddy?? * I take your cock into my hands and pump it slowly* You: Like that daddy? Stranger: Relax and lay on your back You: Ok daddy! It hurt alot in my ass so my vagina Stranger: Ok You: Yaa!! * I hold your cock and slowly slid it into my pussy* Stranger: Oh yess You: Daddy It feels so good now! * I push forward and back on your cock* Stranger: I love you You: I love you too daddy! You: my* Stranger: Do you want to do anything to daddy You: ... Stranger: Theres one in mommys underwear drawer You: Ok one sec *I run to your room and grab it then quickly run back* Stranger: There u go You: Kneel over daddy! Stranger: wtf Stranger: (wat age shal we make u in this babe? Her'es another Omegle chat I just had with a random stranger. I can feel the heat radiating from your pussy and can see a little dampness starting to form. My cock is so hard I know you must be able to feel it through your thin panties. Stranger: I'm feeling great then I take my shirt off claiming it's hot. I smile and become bolder and gently stroke your clit through your panties.Phim ses viet nam , sex viêt , clip sex sinh vien viet nam , phimsex viet , clip sex nu sinh viet nam , pim xec viet nam , sexviet nam , phim xex viet , phim sey viet nam , phim xet viet nam , phim sec việt nam , clip sex viet nam moi nhat , sex viet nam moi nhat , phim sẽ viet , phim xet viet , sex hoc sinh viet nam , xem clip sex viet nam , pim xes viet nam , clip sex hoc sinh viet nam , phim xez viet nam , phim x viet nam , phim set viec nam .

Stranger: Nice Stranger: Wanna sit on daddy's lap You: Daddy...

You: lol You: 18 f Stranger: cute Stranger: 23m You: So you like roleplay? You: I'll start if you want Stranger: k You: "daddy! Stranger: hey princess, i call from the front room, as i panic to turn off the porn i was watching You: Umm daddy... ) Stranger: well if i dont tell her, how will u thank daddy? Johnson, my teacher Stranger: you little slut You: Your way better too daddy!

Stranger: wow Stranger: naughty ones then Stranger: i guess i can be ur daddy ;) You: Nice! It's way bigger then the one I was fucking earlier! i ask as i slam my cock deep inside ur tight slit You: Mr. Stranger: i fuck u harder Stranger: trying to hurt u a lil from my deeper thrusts You: Can you fuck my ass too?

Stranger: M43 You: f 18 Stranger: Daddys home You: ;) Stranger: Im james You: I'm ashley!

*I put your dick into your mouth and gently suck on it* Stranger: Oh yes Stranger: Can you get naked for daddy? *I quickly stand up and take off all my clothes then sit back down to suck on you* Stranger: Nice vagina! Stranger: I like it hairy like that You: Mmmmm Stranger: Can I put it inside you You: Sure daddy!

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