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Along with porn companies' recent embrace of virtual reality, we're on the verge of simulation itself: bringing the action to you, either through devices like Kiiroo's or others like Realov's Irena I, which bills itself as a smart vibrator.Touch a smartphone running a special app, and the vibrator responds from anywhere in the world.

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"It keeps people connected, keeps relationships strong," she says.We have over 100 cool, beautiful and funny effects filters, collages, frames, distorting mirrors.Take photo and share with friends in social networks Facebook and Twitter or download pictures on your computer! Doornbos' company is part of that changing landscape. (If you'd like to see what they look like, Kiiroo's website has plenty of photos.) Adult entertainment may sell itself as a fantasy, but the next frontier is about bringing it into the real world.His devices don't just interact with each other, they can also synchronize with porn videos to give people a sense of participating in the action. Until now, that's meant sex toys designed with traits of popular porn actors, like a dildo made from the mold of your favorite fantasy man.But thanks to the mass production of smartphones and tablets from Apple, LG and Samsung, haptic technology has become cheap, ubiquitous and accurate.

Now the adult entertainment industry is getting in on the action, and it could become big business.

"I applaud it." Another area where these toys have potential is the webcam business.

Think digital strip clubs where performers satisfy paying customers' requests over a live stream.

The Avenue was opened in 1938 and it’s located in Arabkir administrative district.

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