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Instant messaging became a force with Yahoo Messenger and Microsoft’s MSN Messenger (now Windows Live Messenger), along with AOL’s Aim (as well as other services like ICQ) that allowed you to assemble a “buddy list.” When one of your friends came online you were notified and could begin an online conversation with them.Instant messaging really took off once it became widespread amongst a younger generation, who used it to keep in touch from home with friends.

In isolation we form cyber relationships that become substitutes for real world relationships, and each step takes us further into isolation as we live more online.When it comes to purchasing decisions, chat rooms and bloggers aren't as influential as you may think.At least, that's the conclusion of a new survey from consumer market research firm Mintel.It’s human nature to want to communicate with others.We gossip, we talk on the phone, sometimes for hours.People do meet from chat rooms, romances occur, and of course there’s cybersex. Talk used to be about being face to face and engaging in wide-ranging discussions.

We’re talking – we’re even having online sex, which is about as intimate as you can get – but we’re doing it all while hiding behind a computer monitor. For many, it still is; a lot of people balance their online and real lives.

"Real-life referrals" still hold more sway with shoppers than online recommendations, the firm said Tuesday. Indeed, no numbers exist to support claims that Web addiction is becoming widespread as more people jump on the Internet, partly because academics are just now starting to research the phenomenon.

Mintel's consumer survey found that 34 percent of shoppers who bought a product or service on referral based their decision on advice from friends and relatives, compared with 5 percent who relied on... Stupid, ugly, pathetic, lame, ridiculous, fake, ignorant. No, these insults and rants were delivered via the Internet. In this age of virtual communication, where we can hide behind handles and noms de plume, it seems people have become more confident, more cunning and way more reckless with their jabs and threats. But consider that this most modern of maladies already has its own online support groups and its own acronym, IAD, for Internet Addiction Disorder, a name assigned in 1995 by New York...

All of which makes it no surprise that chat rooms have been around since the earliest days of the commercial Internet.

First the portals like Compuserve and AOL offered their own rooms, then IRC, or Internet Relay Chat, offered a wide-ranging, uncensored way to talk online, both in chat rooms and individually.

We type and get responses, but all too often do we even know who we’re talking to?